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2021-01-05shellspec: add unit testsmerakor
2021-01-04gitignore: updatemerakor
2020-12-21gitignore: ignore cpt-libmerakor
2020-12-21cpt: remove cpt-stat and cpt-readlink, add _stat() and _readlinkfmerakor
2020-12-20.gitignore: updatemerakor
2020-12-20Merge branch 'master' into redomerakor
2020-12-20gitignore: ignore info pagesmerakor
2020-12-20try out the redo build systemmerakor
2020-08-20gitignore: add getoptmerakor
2020-07-24fix wrong mention of command or namesmerakor
2020-07-23gitignore: updatemerakor
2020-05-04kiss-readlink: add 'readlink -f' replacementmerakor
2020-05-03kiss: use our own version of stat for portability purposes.merakor