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2021-05-12main(): fix $pid naming location.merakor
2021-05-10fix handling of interrupt signals on the download operationmerakor
2021-04-12cpt-lib: alter temporary directory creation behaviourmerakor
2021-04-12cpt: fix --help output when inside a directory prefixed with cpt-merakor
2021-04-05cpt: change trap method to fix some inconsistencies on interrupt signalsmerakor
2021-04-05pkg_updates(): fix handling interrupts during version checkmerakor
2021-04-03cpt-list: update usage docstringmerakor
2021-03-26pkg_gentree(): pop package name from the listmerakor
2021-03-24docs: updatemerakor
2021-03-21cpt-list: make usage output more clearmerakor
2021-03-13tar_extract(): change pax component stripping stringmerakor
2021-03-12pkg_remove(): Fix reverse dependency resolving on sbase grepmerakor
2021-02-25cpt: add support for lz compression/decompressionmerakor
2021-02-23pkg_query_meta(): new function to query meta files inside package directoriesmerakor
2021-02-23pkg_{gentree,get_base}(): use format for newline handlingmerakor
2021-02-23pkg_get_base(): use for loop instead of while loopmerakor
2021-02-22pkg_get_base(): return the dependency tree as wellmerakor
2021-02-22pkg_gentree(): add 'f' key to include the package itselfmerakor
2021-02-22pkg_gentree(): exit instead of returning error with unknown keymerakor
2021-02-07as_root(): reflect rename: sls -> ssumerakor
2021-02-04cpt-alternatives: use getoptions parser so that global options are recognizedmerakor
2021-02-04cpt-lib: disable faulty shellcheck error on older versionsmerakor
2021-02-04cpt: switch back to 'make'merakor
2021-02-04pkg_extract(): Add support for pax and add new methodsmerakor
2021-02-04pkg_find(): break early if only a single match is requestedmerakor
2021-02-04getoptions: update to 2.5.0 of the librarymerakor
2021-02-04cpt-search: add option to ignore package databasemerakor
2021-01-05pkg_build(): create package directories manuallymerakor
2021-01-05cpt: add 'cbi' shortcut for checksum, build, and installmerakor
2021-01-05run_hook(): store and release the CPT_HOOK variablemerakor
2021-01-04cpt-download: exit with success on usagemerakor
2021-01-04cpt-checksum: exit with success on usagemerakor
2021-01-04cpt-alternatives: exit with success on usagemerakor
2021-01-04Merge branch '5.1.x'merakor
2021-01-04pkg_swap(): fix swap regular expressionmerakor
2021-01-04pkg_get_base: fix shellcheck error on older versionsmerakor
2021-01-04pkg_get_base(): Return with success if cpt-base doesn't existmerakor
2021-01-03pkg_gentree(): add function to generate a dependency graphmerakor
2021-01-03pkg_get_base(): add function to print the packages defined in /etc/cpt-basemerakor
2021-01-03sepchar(): add function to seperate characters on given stringmerakor
2021-01-03_seq(): add function to print numbers sequentiallymerakor
2021-01-03as_root(): add `sls` to accepted root toolsmerakor
2020-12-30cpt-install|cpt-remove: fix faulty CPT_PATHmerakor
2020-12-30cpt-build: fix faulty CPT_PATH settingmerakor
2020-12-27cpt: print docstrings using awk instead of sedmerakor
2020-12-24cpt: do not track info directory pagesmerakor
2020-12-24lib.rc: move helper functions to a seperate filemerakor
2020-12-21cpt-lib: add ability to be used as a scriptmerakor
2020-12-21cpt: remove cpt-stat and cpt-readlink, add _stat() and _readlinkfmerakor
2020-12-21tests: calm shellcheck downmerakor