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2020-09-21 21:13cpt: add usage informationCem Keylan1+140-13
2020-09-21 21:12Top: change structureCem Keylan1+5-5
2020-09-21 19:21top: Just use section namesCem Keylan1+3-3
2020-09-21 19:20add summary contents, remove 'Software' for nowCem Keylan1+3-2
2020-09-21 19:14Add comment lines for the better visualizing of the file editedCem Keylan5+292-10
2020-09-18 14:40Makefile: updateCem Keylan1+1-0
2020-09-18 14:38docs: add GFDL as texi sourceCem Keylan2+522-5
2020-09-15 18:20update top menuCem Keylan1+6-0
2020-09-15 18:18update menusCem Keylan5+22-13
2020-09-14 19:06move README to README.mdCem Keylan2+1-1
2020-09-14 19:05update READMECem Keylan1+18-9
2020-09-14 18:06add direntryCem Keylan1+5-0
2020-09-14 18:03Makefile: rename DESTDIR to HTMLDIRCem Keylan1+4-4
2020-09-14 17:19install: updateCem Keylan1+5-1
2020-09-14 17:01update contribution guidelinesCem Keylan1+240-35
2020-09-14 17:00add gitignoreCem Keylan1+4-0
2020-09-14 16:58Makefile: create proper Makefile meant to distribute itself.Cem Keylan2+28-24
2020-09-14 09:35contribution: change sectioningCem Keylan1+3-2
2020-09-14 09:29contribution: updateCem Keylan1+16-15
2020-09-14 09:29top: add urlCem Keylan1+3-2
2020-09-14 09:23add install plaintext on the html outputCem Keylan2+6-0
2020-09-14 09:20install: add URL in a variableCem Keylan1+6-4
2020-09-10 10:59updateCem Keylan1+204-0
2020-09-09 22:51docs: add note for cpt build packageCem Keylan1+1-1
2020-09-09 16:15add contributionCem Keylan2+77-3
2020-09-09 15:47cpt.texi: updateCem Keylan1+8-5
2020-09-09 15:46fix txt locationCem Keylan1+1-1
2020-09-09 15:03update docsCem Keylan1+4-3
2020-09-09 14:42docs: switch to texinfoCem Keylan8+1006-483
2020-07-26 21:58initial commitCem Keylan2+495-0