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-carbs base
+carbs rootfs script
-Tool for generating the rootfs tarball.
-Tarballs on https://dl.carbslinux.org are
-generated from this script. You should run
-mkrootfs.sh as root. If you want to configure,
-copy config.def to config and edit the file.
+Tool for generating rootfs tarballs for Carbs Linux. But
+it can be configured to create tarballs for KISS, create
+a personalized pre-configured tarball with an Xorg server
+to ease installation process. Tarballs on
+https://dl.carbslinux.org are generated from this script.
-Please report any issues you encounter from this
+Configuration can be done by copying config.def file to
+config. There you can configure where the rootfs will be
+created, packages to be installed, CFLAGS, MAKEFLAGS,
+repository to be added, and the `KISS_PATH` to be used.
+extra repositories
+The script by default only installs a single repository,
+but can accept a file named 'repositories' to add additional
+repositories to the target system. This file is structured
+in a plaintext manner and has 3 seperate sections.
+1. Git URL
+2. Target location
+3. Git clone options (such as --depth 1)
+Here is an example repositories file. The local repository is
+for example purposes, don't actually use local repositories.
+ https://git.u.com/repo1 /var/db/kiss/personalrepo --depth 1
+ /home/user/kiss-repo2 /var/db/kiss/kiss-repo2 --no-local --depth 2
+You can then add these to your KISS_PATH by editing the
+config file and adding the following to your `HOST_REPO_PATH`.
+ HOST_REPO_PATH="/tmp/repo/core:$MNTDIR/var/db/kiss/personalrepo:$MNTDIR/var/db/kiss/kiss-repo2"
+You can change the postinstall (which defaults to true) function to
+make manual changes to the generated root filesystem. \ No newline at end of file