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+Some OpenBSD userland utilities meant to be included in Carbs Linux base.
+Currently includes the following software:
+- diff
+- doas
+- m4
+- mandoc
+- md5
+- nc
+- patch
+- pax
+- signify
+You can build software individually by calling 'make <program>', and the
+program will be built to the root directory of the source. The Makefile
+is bsdmake compatible.
+In order to build 'mandoc', you need to either have zlib installed, or edit
+config.mk to use the in-source zlib.
+In order to build 'nc', you need to have a libtls implementation. Carbs Linux
+uses libtls-bearssl by default.
+If you want the manpager to have tags support (doesn't work on busybox less),
+you will need to do the following:
+ echo CFLAGS += -DHAVE_LESS_T >> config.mk
+If you are unsure whether your less implementation includes tag support, run
+the following:
+ :> testfile
+ less -F -T testfile testfile && echo CFLAGS += -DHAVE_LESS_T >> config.mk
+ rm testfile
+patch directory
+The patch directory doesn't serve any function but to keep track of the applied
+patches under revision control. The sources here are already patched.