AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-26ruby: add new package at 3.0.0 [TESTING]Cem Keylan
2020-12-26notmuch: bump to 0.31.3Cem Keylan
2020-12-26carbs-docs: bump to 20201226Cem Keylan
2020-12-25aria2: add new package at 1.35.0Cem Keylan
2020-12-25libgccjit: add new package at 10.2.0 [TESTING]Cem Keylan
2020-12-25perl: use POSIX operations on 'find(1)'Cem Keylan
2020-12-24zstd: bump to 1.4.8Cem Keylan
2020-12-24tzdata: bump to 2020eCem Keylan
2020-12-24tiff: bump to 4.2.0Cem Keylan
2020-12-24sudo: bump to 1.9.4p2Cem Keylan
2020-12-24samurai: bump to 1.2Cem Keylan
2020-12-24nodejs: bump to 15.5.0Cem Keylan
2020-12-24msmtp: bump to 1.8.14Cem Keylan
2020-12-24man-pages: bump to 5.10Cem Keylan
2020-12-24linux-headers: bump to 5.10.2Cem Keylan
2020-12-24libva-utils: bump to 2.10.0Cem Keylan
2020-12-24libmpc: bump to 1.2.1Cem Keylan
2020-12-24libgpg-error: bump to 1.41Cem Keylan
2020-12-24libepoxy: bump to 1.5.5Cem Keylan
2020-12-24lf: bump to 18Cem Keylan
2020-12-24harfbuzz-icu: bump to 2.7.3Cem Keylan
2020-12-24freetype-harfbuzz: bump to 2.10.2+2.7.3Cem Keylan
2020-12-24gtk+2: bump to 2.24.33Cem Keylan
2020-12-24gnupg2: bump to 2.2.26Cem Keylan
2020-12-24liberation-fonts-ttf: bump to 2.1.2Cem Keylan
2020-12-24dash: bump to Keylan
2020-12-21mpfr: add new package at 4.1.0Cem Keylan
2020-12-21libmpc: add new package at 1.1.0Cem Keylan
2020-12-21gmp: add new package at 6.2.1Cem Keylan
2020-12-21xclip: add new package at 0.13Cem Keylan
2020-12-21lcms2: add new package at 2.11Cem Keylan
2020-12-21webkit2gtk: bump to 2.30.4Cem Keylan
2020-12-21kbd: bump to 2.4.0Cem Keylan
2020-12-21imagemagick: bump to 7.0.10-52Cem Keylan
2020-12-21icu: bump to 68.2Cem Keylan
2020-12-21gtk4: add new package at 4.0.0 [TESTING]Cem Keylan
2020-12-21bash: bump to 5.1.p4Cem Keylan
2020-12-21pinentry: change build file styleCem Keylan
2020-12-21cpt: bump to 5.1.1Cem Keylan
2020-12-21redo: add new package at 0.3Cem Keylan
2020-12-18glib: bump to 2.66.4Cem Keylan
2020-12-18cmake: bump to 3.19.2Cem Keylan
2020-12-14musl: add patch fixing CVE2020-28928Cem Keylan
2020-12-14imagemagick: bump to 7.0.10-48Cem Keylan
2020-12-13boost: bump to 1.75.0Cem Keylan
2020-12-13p11-kit: bump to 0.23.22Cem Keylan
2020-12-13readline: bump to 8.1p0Cem Keylan
2020-12-13bash: fix version stringCem Keylan
2020-12-09libressl: bump to 3.3.1Cem Keylan
2020-12-09gst-plugins: bump to 1.18.2Cem Keylan