forks/busyboxBusybox tree with Carbs Linux patches 21 months
docsCarbs Linux Documentation 3 months
repositoryCarbs Linux repositories 7 days
carbslinux-styleCarbs Linux stylesheets 13 months
docker-imageDocker image for Carbs Linux 21 months
cpt-extraExtra tools for cpt 21 months
forks/imvFork of imv, replacing icu with libgrapheme 14 months
initInit scripts for Carbs Linux 21 months
otoolsPort of some OpenBSD tools 13 months
mkrootfsTool to generate rootfs tarballs of Carbs Linux 12 months
forks/toyboxToybox with POSIX patches from E5ten 16 months
outsourceUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.
websiteWebsite sources of Carbs Linux 8 days
cpt[MIRROR] Carbs Packaging Tools 2 weeks
users/merakor/lariza~merakor's personal fork of lariza
users/merakor/repository~merakor's personal repository 20 months