forks/busyboxBusybox tree with Carbs Linux patches 5 months
docsCarbs Linux Documentation 8 days
repositoryCarbs Linux repositories 22 hours
carbslinux-styleCarbs Linux stylesheets 5 months
docker-imageDocker image for Carbs Linux 5 months
cpt-extraExtra tools for cpt 5 months
initInit scripts for Carbs Linux 5 months
otoolsPort of some OpenBSD tools 9 days
mkrootfsTool to generate rootfs tarballs of Carbs Linux 9 days
forks/toyboxToybox with POSIX patches from E5ten 2 weeks
outsourceUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.
websiteWebsite sources of Carbs Linux 9 days
cpt[MIRROR] Carbs Packaging Tools 32 hours
users/merakor/lariza~merakor's personal fork of lariza
users/merakor/repository~merakor's personal repository 4 months