This is a repository for cpt utilities that do not belong with
the rest of the utilities. These are non-essential scripts that
someone could make use of in their scripts. Some of them can be
used for repository management, so I think maintainers could be
interested in a variety of utilities here.


Those scripts currently only depend on cpt (and dependencies of

You can install by doing

    find . -type f -name 'cpt-*' | while read -r script; do
        install -Dm755 "$script" "/usr/local/bin/${script##*/}"

Or install the `cpt-extra` package on Carbs Linux.

Repository structure

Scripts are dividied into categoried folders.

    ├── alt   - scripts related to the alternatives system.
    ├── other - self explanatory
    └── repo  - scripts for repository management
        └── git  - scripts for git operations, commit messages etc.

New Scripts

New scripts should be added in a standard manner. You should
keep these in mind,

It should start with a docstring right after the shebang. No
empty line in between.

    # A docstring explaining the script

It should provide a usage if '--help' or '-h' is provided as an
argument. If you script takes any arguments, it should also display
a usage if not argument is given.

Usage should exit with 0 status code, and should be printed to the
standard output, not stderr. Usage should be a single line string
small and to the point.

    case "$1" in ''|--help|-h) printf 'usage......'; exit 0; esac


This repository contains scripts that were initially in the package
manager itself. Some of these were initially authored by Dylan Araps.
License notices are made where needed.