Carbs Packaging Tools

Package management toolset for Carbs Linux. Forked from KISS[1]. All usage
information can be obtained from the manual page. Refer to the ChangeLog[2] to
learn what's new.


To build and use cpt, you need the following software:

- rsync
- curl
- POSIX base utilities  [coreutils, busybox, sbase, etc.]
- pax
- Common compression utilities such as `gzip`, `bzip2`, `xz`, etc.

In order to build the documentation from source, you will need the following

- GNU Texinfo (for generating `.info` pages)
- GNU Emacs   (for generating `.texi` and `.txt` pages)

However, distributed tarballs come with info pages, and `.texi` and `.txt` files
are committed directly into the repository, meaning that you don't need Texinfo
if you are using a tarball, and you don't need Emacs as long as you don't edit
the documentation.

You can also completely disable the build/installation of the documentation by
either passing `DOCS=no` to `make` or editing `config.mk` to disable it.


In order to install CPT, you can run the following with `make`:

    make PREFIX=/usr install


The documentation for each tool along with some examples can be found on
manpages installed with the package manager. User manual of CPT can be found
online[3], or installed as both plain-text and as info pages. Without any
changes to the Makefile configuration those files can be found at:

- /usr/local/share/docs/cpt/cpt.txt
- /usr/local/share/info/cpt.info

[1]: https://github.com/kisslinux/kiss
[2]: https://fossil.carbslinux.org/cpt/log
[3]: https://carbslinux.org/docs/cpt