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docs: add portability functions

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diff --git a/docs/cpt.org b/docs/cpt.org @@ -48,6 +48,7 @@ manual for *Carbs Packaging Tools*. For development logs see [[https://git.carbs - [[#option-parsing][Option parsing]] - [[#message-functions][Message functions]] - [[#text-functions][Text functions]] + - [[#portability-functions][Portability functions]] - [[#system-functions][System Functions]] * Copying @@ -945,7 +946,48 @@ sepchar mystring # g #+end_src -** System Functions +** Portability functions +:PROPERTIES: +:DESCRIPTION: Functions to replace non-POSIX commands +:END: + +These helper functions are used so that we don't depend on non-POSIX programs for +certain functionality. They are prefixed with the =_= character. + +*** =_seq()= +:PROPERTIES: +:DESCRIPTION: 'seq(1)' but no newline +:END: + +This function is similar to =seq(1)= except that it only takes a single argument +and doesn't print any newlines. It is suitable to be used in =for= loops. + +#+begin_src sh +_seq 5 +# Prints: +# 1 2 3 4 5 +#+end_src + +*** =_stat()= +:PROPERTIES: +:DESCRIPTION: stat %U replacement +:END: + +This function imitates =stat %U=. =stat= isn't defined by POSIX, and this is +also a GNU extension. This function returns the owner of a file. If the owner +cannot be found, it will return =root=. + +*** =_readlinkf()= +:PROPERTIES: +:DESCRIPTION: 'readlink -f' replacement +:END: + +This function was taken from [[github:ko1nksm/readlinkf][POSIX sh readlinkf library by Koichi Nakashima]]. +=readlink= is also not defined by POSIX, so this function uses =ls= to follow +symbolic links until it reaches the actual file. + +** TODO System Functions +- [ ] Add description *** =as_root()= :PROPERTIES: :DESCRIPTION: Run a command as the root user