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diff --git a/docs/cpt.org b/docs/cpt.org @@ -50,6 +50,7 @@ manual for *Carbs Packaging Tools*. For development logs see [[https://git.carbs - [[#text-functions][Text functions]] - [[#portability-functions][Portability functions]] - [[#system-functions][System Functions]] + - [[#package-functions][Package Functions]] * Copying :PROPERTIES: @@ -1002,3 +1003,64 @@ following order: 2. =sudo= 3. =doas= 4. =su= + +** TODO Package Functions +:PROPERTIES: +:DESCRIPTION: Manipulate, or query anything related to packages +:END: + +Obviously, package functions are the most important ones for =cpt-lib=, those +are the ones you will use to build, to query, to manipulate, or to otherwise +interact with packages. + +*** =pkg_owner()= +:PROPERTIES: +:DESCRIPTION: Check which package owns the given file +:END: + +This function can be used to determine the owner of a package. The first +argument is used for flags that will be passed to =grep=, and the second one is +for the file query. Rest of the arguments can be used in order to specify the +manifests to be used, but it is optional. =pkg_owner()= will search for all the +installed packages if no other arguments are given. + +#+begin_src sh +# Example +pkg_owner -lFx /usr/bin/grep # Returns 'busybox' + +# An example call made by `pkg_fix_deps()` to figure out whether the built +# package contains the file it depends. +pkg_owner -l "/${dep#/}\$" "$PWD/manifest" >/dev/null && continue +pkg_owner -l "/${dep#/}\$" "$@" ||: +#+end_src + +*** =pkg_isbuilt()= +:PROPERTIES: +:DESCRIPTION: Check whether the given package is built +:END: + +This function returns with success when the given package has a built tarball +with the matching version and release strings from the repository. + +*** =pkg_lint()= +:PROPERTIES: +:DESCRIPTION: Check whether a package directory fits the standards +:END: + +This function checks whether a given package fits the proper package +specification. This function *does not return with failure, it exits outright* +if it fails. + +*** TODO =pkg_find()= +:PROPERTIES: +:DESCRIPTION: Query package locations +:END: + +=pkg_find()= + +*** TODO =pkg_gentree= +:PROPERTIES: +:DESCRIPTION: Generate a dependency tree for the given package +:END: + +Keep in mind /etc/cpt-base