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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -40,3 +40,19 @@ Directory Structure getopt-ul -- for cpt provided util-linux standalone getopt(1). man/ -- for manual pages. src/ -- for the tools that make up the package manager. + + +Defining Base +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- + +Tools such as cpt-orphans and cpt-reset define the base from the file +'/etc/cpt-base'. An example cpt-base file can be found from the root directory +of the repository, which is the default base for Carbs Linux. A user can modify +this file to fit their needs and redefine their base for the system. For +example, a user can decide that they want 'sbase' instead of 'busybox' for their +base, so if they reset their system, busybox will be removed instead of sbase. + +This file is used to ship a predefined base, while leaving the base to a user's +choice. However, it isn't installed by the Makefile so that the packagers may +define their own base, or so that a user can install cpt without using it as +their main package manager.