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+CPT is the package management toolset written for Carbs Linux. Its aim is to
+provide a stable, powerful, and easily used library for package management that
+complements the tools that come with it. It has the following features:
+- **POSIX shell library** - with its shell library, it is really easy to create
+ advanced scripts that wrap around the package manager and extend its
+ functionality.
+- **Powerful, but simple** - even with the multitudes of functionalities that
+ CPT provides, the tools provided aim to be as "low-interaction" as possible
+ and get out of your way. No user should spend countless hours on wiki pages
+ just to understand the proper way of installing a "masked" package. If the
+ user seeks to modify the build of a package, easy tools should be provided,
+ but those tools should not be required for basic functionality.
+- **Simple packaging system** - CPT has a easy to understand, simple, and static
+ packaging system, that makes it really easy to write and maintain packages.
+ Instead of complex `PKGBUILD` scripts or weird templates, packages are formed
+ of multiple little files that are easily written and easily parsed, even
+ without needing the help of the package manager itself.
+- **Easy Repository Management** - CPT makes it easy to create or use multiple
+ repositories at the same time. Repositories are added and prioritised by the
+ `$CPT_PATH` variable, an environment value that is already familiar to many
+ users with the `$PATH` variable.
+- **Serve repositories with your method** - Package repositories can be served
+ in a variety of formats, they can be either local, served with Git, or through
+ the `rsync` method, with Fossil integration to be added soon.
+### Latest Release: 6.0.2 ([2021-04-05](/timeline?c=6.0.2))
+- [Download](/uvlist?byage=1)
+- [Changelog](/wiki?name=Changelog)
+- [User Manual](https://carbslinux.org/docs/cpt)