AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
32 hours.build.yml: updateHEADmastermerakor
32 hoursdocs: updatemerakor
32 hoursMakefile: add CHANGELOG to the install targetmerakor
32 hoursconfigure: check for b3summerakor
32 hoursdocs: updatemerakor
32 hourscpt-checksum: fix crux-like usagemerakor
32 hoursdocs: updatemerakor
32 hourscpt-checksum: add option to use sha256 digestmerakor
32 hoursdocs: updatemerakor
33 hoursMakefile: fix dist targetmerakor
33 hoursmerge blake3 branchmerakor
34 hourscpt-lib: fix faulty check-inblake3merakor
34 hourspkg_etcsums: variable fixmerakor
34 hourscpt: use blake3 as a digest algorithmmerakor
35 hourscpt-checksum: use pkg_find once per loopmerakor
35 hourscpt-checksum: don't generate checksums file if no sources existmerakor
35 hoursdocs: updatemerakor
4 daysbuild.yml: install dependencies before buildingmerakor
4 daysmkdist.sh: use pax instead of tarmerakor
4 days.build.yml: use ./configure in buildmerakor
4 daysMakefile: fix install targetmerakor
4 daysdocs: updatemerakor
4 daysmerge configuremerakor
4 daysCHANGELOG: updatemerakor
4 dayscpt-size: fix shellcheck testsmerakor
4 daysCHANGELOG: update formattingmerakor
4 daysMakefile: update targetsconfiguremerakor
4 dayscpt: add configure scriptmerakor
4 daysremove config.mkmerakor
5 daysCreate new branch named "configure"merakor
5 daysblake3: merge trunkmerakor
5 daysMakefile: update test targetsmerakor
5 dayscpt-size: rewrite tool to address POSIX compliance, faster calculation,merakor
7 dayspkg_download: new function for using alternative downloadersmerakor
9 daysdocs: updatemerakor
9 daysmerge cpt-6.1.x to trunkmerakor
9 daysfix mkdistcpt-6.1.xmerakor
9 dayscpt: bump version to
9 daysCreate new branch named "cpt-6.1.x"merakor
9 daysdocs: updatemerakor
9 daysdocs: updatemerakor
9 days.build.yml: do a quiet clonemerakor
9 dayscpt-maintainer: add tool to display the maintainer of the given packagemerakor
9 days.build.yml: update otools buildmerakor
10 daysdocs: updatemerakor
10 dayscpt-lib: change default log colormerakor
10 dayscpt-revdepends: fix usage stringmerakor
10 dayscpt-revdepends: fix grep usage, and $tmp_dirmerakor
12 daysdocs: updatemerakor
12 daysas_root: update environment variablesmerakor