AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
37 hoursmerge maintenance branchHEADmastermerakor
5 daysspec: update tests for create_tmp()cpt-6.0.xmerakor
5 dayscpt-lib: alter temporary directory creation behaviourmerakor
5 dayscpt: fix --help output when inside a directory prefixed with cpt-merakor
12 dayswww: updatemerakor
12 daysUse fossil backend for creating distribution tarballsmerakor
12 daystests: add dummy package that exits with errormerakor
12 daysshellspec: fix tests for file rename of READMEmerakor
12 daysUpdate and move README.md to READMEmerakor
12 daysChange document titlemerakor
12 daysadd index page for the websitemerakor
12 dayscpt: bump to
12 daysMakefile: fix `make dist`merakor
12 dayscpt: bump to
12 daysmerge 6.0.x stablemerakor
12 daysrevert cherry pick, will merge completelymerakor
12 dayscpt: change trap method to fix some inconsistencies on interrupt signalsmerakor
12 daysremove CHANGELOGmerakor
12 daysdocs: updatemerakor
12 daysdocs: updatemerakor
12 daysconfig.mk: rename VERSION variable on trunk to devmerakor
12 daysCreate new branch named "cpt-6.0.x"merakor
12 dayspkg_updates(): fix handling interrupts during version checkmerakor
13 daysconfig.mk: change distfiles variablemerakor
13 dayscpt: bump version to
14 daysdocs: updatemerakor
14 dayscpt-list: update usage docstringmerakor
2021-03-26docs: updatemerakor
2021-03-26pkg_gentree(): pop package name from the listmerakor
2021-03-24docs: add pkg_build() documentationmerakor
2021-03-24cpt-base: add notice for the filemerakor
2021-03-24docs: updatemerakor
2021-03-24docs: updatemerakor
2021-03-24docs: updatemerakor
2021-03-23tests: create symlink on 'make test' and remove on 'make clean'merakor
2021-03-23cpt: add fossil ignore filemerakor
2021-03-21docs: updatemerakor
2021-03-21docs: updatemerakor
2021-03-21cpt-list: make usage output more clearmerakor
2021-03-18install.sh: remove custom parser and use getoptsmerakor
2021-03-14cpt: release 6.0.0 release candidate 26.0.0-rc2unknownmerakor
2021-03-14Makefile: fix contrib and src macrosmerakor
2021-03-13tar_extract(): change pax component stripping stringmerakor
2021-03-12docs: updatemerakor
2021-03-12docs: updatemerakor
2021-03-12cpt: 6.0.0 release candidate 16.0.0-rc1merakor
2021-03-12cpt-export: add lzip supportmerakor
2021-03-12CHANGELOG: updatemerakor
2021-03-12Makefile: install 'contrib' manual pages.merakor
2021-03-12docs: updatemerakor