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+Package manager for Carbs Linux. Forked from [KISS]. All
+usage information can be obtained from the manual page.
+For changes please refer to the `CHANGELOG.md` file.
+[KISS]: https://github.com/kisslinux/kiss
+## Fork Notes
+There are certain differences between KISS Linux `kiss` and
+Carbs Linux `kiss`. Most importantly, you need a C compiler
+and a C library (musl/bsd libc) to build this implementation
+of it. Rest of the important changes can be found in the CHANGELOG.
+This is _mostly_ a shell implementation rather than a pure one.
+### Directory Structure
+ / -- kiss, README, Makefile, LICENSE, CHANGELOG
+ bin/ -- for C programs.
+ man/ -- for manual pages / documentation.
+ contrib/ -- for Shell scripts that wrap around kiss.