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-Package manager for Carbs Linux. Forked from [KISS]. All
-usage information can be obtained from the manual page.
-[KISS]: https://github.com/kisslinux/kiss
-Changes since fork
-2020-05-02: Added a fallback for hash checking 668ab43
-2020-05-01: Added kiss-changelog e2372b7
-2020-05-01: Added kiss-which 6e78c84
-2020-04-29: Reverted to rsync f0215a5
-2020-04-05: Added a manual page for contrib 1da63b9
-2020-04-04: Rewritten kiss-link in a simpler way e4c1489
-2020-04-04: Added kiss-cargolock-urlgen 565648c
-2020-04-04: Added kiss-cat 68164c4
-2020-04-04: Fix a bug in kiss-cargo-urlgen 29be95a
-2020-04-04: Make manual page easily readable db7a7e0,e5f993,4635df
-2020-04-03: Add submodule support for KISS repositories 36654d0
-2020-04-02: Add symlink support for packages bca4160
-2020-03-18: Modify kiss-chbuild to install carbs-rootfs c1058a8
-2020-03-18: Add fallback method during compression 82a2524
-2020-03-17: Add zstd compression support 266047f
-2020-03-09: Seperated pkg_update with a pkg_fetch function 64abd92
-This used to be my personal fork of KISS, but I do think
-that it has matured enough to be used by default on Carbs
-Linux. I will still try to make sure to get upstream changes
-to ensure compatibility.