AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-04kiss: bump to 1.18.0merakor
2020-05-04kiss: use option flags in 'tar' callsmerakor
2020-05-04CHANGELOG: updatemerakor
2020-05-04kiss: accomplish tar portabilitymerakor
2020-05-04CHANGELOG: updatemerakor
2020-05-04contrib: add kiss-messagemerakor
2020-05-04CHANGELOG: add to repositorymerakor
2020-05-04Makefile: reflect changes in C filesmerakor
2020-05-04kiss-readlink: remove extra colonmerakor
2020-05-04kiss-readlink: add 'readlink -f' replacementmerakor
2020-05-03add editorconfigmerakor
2020-05-03bump to
2020-05-03kiss: use our own version of stat for portability purposes.merakor
2020-05-03kiss: return 1 if read is interruptedmerakor
2020-05-03kiss: explicitly exit if a prompt doesn't passmerakor
2020-05-03kiss: check for etc before reporting 'generating etcsums'merakor
2020-05-03kiss: use sys_db while removing packagemerakor
2020-05-02kiss: actuall fix etcsum location1.16.3merakor
2020-05-02kiss: fix etcsum locationmerakor
2020-05-02kiss: fix displaying post-installation messages1.16.2merakor
2020-05-02kiss-contrib.1: add kiss-changelog and kiss-which to the manual pagemerakor
2020-05-02update READMEmerakor
2020-05-02kiss: standardized hash checking in 'sha256sum', 'sha256', 'openssl'merakor
2020-05-02kiss: fallback to sha256merakor
2020-05-02kiss: fix pkg_conflicts for rare casesmerakor
2020-05-02kiss: use pkg_db instead of sys_dbmerakor
2020-05-02kiss: use preferred tar on decompressionmerakor
2020-05-01kiss: fix interrupts in Korn Shell1.16.1merakor
2020-05-01kiss: prettier plaintext message output1.16.0merakor
2020-05-01contrib: add kiss-changelogmerakor
2020-05-01contrib: add kiss-whichmerakor
2020-05-01kiss: read all package messages after installationmerakor
2020-05-01kiss: fix ksh colour outputmerakor
2020-04-30kiss: use pkg_db instead of sys_dbmerakor
2020-04-30Makefile: portability fixesmerakor
2020-04-30kiss: bump to
2020-04-30kiss: lazy checkingmerakor
2020-04-30kiss: force stdout on decompressionmerakor
2020-04-30kiss: accept decompressed tar archives as well.merakor
2020-04-29Merge branch 'rsync'merakor
2020-04-29kiss: replace sed -i with redirection to a temp filemerakor
2020-04-29kiss: use '$0' to call itself with as_root functionmerakor
2020-04-29kiss: revert to using rsyncmerakor
2020-04-27kiss: install to KISS_ROOT instead of the system1.14.3merakor
2020-04-27kiss: check for the directory with KISS_PATH1.14.2merakor
2020-04-26kiss: bump version1.14.1merakor
2020-04-26kiss: Fix directory permissionsmerakor
2020-04-26kiss: Actually hide an error + whitespace cleanupmerakor
2020-04-26kiss: Use suggested primarymerakor