AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-14kiss: bump version1.21.1merakor
2020-05-14kiss: split hashcheck command so it is easier to read.merakor
2020-05-14kiss: use $1 on hashcheck instead of $filemerakor
2020-05-14changelog: updatemerakor
2020-05-13kiss: use set on find for POSIX compliance, thanks @illilitimerakor
2020-05-13contrib: use --help and -h for usage informationmerakor
2020-05-12kiss: bump version1.21.0merakor
2020-05-12changelog: updatemerakor
2020-05-12kiss.1: add KISS_TMPDIRmerakor
2020-05-12kiss: use KISS_TMPDIR for changing the build directoriesmerakor
2020-05-11changelog: updatemerakor
2020-05-11changelog: updatemerakor
2020-05-11kiss: add support for decompressing .txz tarballsmerakor
2020-05-11kiss: make sure directories and executables don't clashmerakor
2020-05-09changelog: updatemerakor
2020-05-09kiss: add a warn functionmerakor
2020-05-09kiss.1: add the download functionmerakor
2020-05-09kiss: remove esc functionmerakor
2020-05-09changelog: updatemerakor
2020-05-09kiss: simplify tarball extractionmerakor
2020-05-09kiss: add download optionmerakor
2020-05-08kiss: fix alternatives bug1.20.3merakor
2020-05-08kiss: remove stty hackmerakor
2020-05-08kiss: bump version1.20.2merakor
2020-05-08kiss: sort manifest during pkg_swapmerakor
2020-05-08kiss: bump version1.20.1merakor
2020-05-08kiss: fix removing cache filesmerakor
2020-05-07kiss-readlink: standardize usage outputmerakor
2020-05-07kiss: Faster conflict resolution.merakor
2020-05-07kiss: add option to disable prompts1.20.0merakor
2020-05-07kiss: bump version1.19.1merakor
2020-05-07kiss.1: updatemerakor
2020-05-07changelog: updatemerakor
2020-05-07changelog: updatemerakor
2020-05-07kiss: output help and extension to stdout so they can be parsedmerakor
2020-05-07kiss: fix colour outputmerakor
2020-05-07kiss: fix shellcheck errormerakor
2020-05-07kiss: change colour escape behaviour to be enabled and disabled.merakor
2020-05-07kiss: disable colour escape sequences if running in a subshellmerakor
2020-05-07kiss: switch to an 'extension' argument for listing extensions.merakor
2020-05-06changelog: update1.19.0merakor
2020-05-06kiss: bump versionmerakor
2020-05-06README: updatemerakor
2020-05-06changelog: updatemerakor
2020-05-06manpages: add kiss-reporevdepends to kiss-contrib.1merakor
2020-05-06contrib: add kiss-reporevdependsmerakor
2020-05-06Makefile: use '-f' flag on cp commandsmerakor
2020-05-06changelog: updatemerakor
2020-05-06kiss: fix doc-strings for contrib scriptsmerakor
2020-05-05changelog: updatemerakor