AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-03kiss: bump version2.1.2merakor
2020-06-03kiss-stat: fix segfaultmerakor
2020-06-03kiss: bump version2.1.1merakor
2020-06-03kiss: fix 'no message' information being outputted for every packagemerakor
2020-06-03doc: change kinstallmerakor
2020-06-03kiss-chroot: fix x86_64 hostsmerakor
2020-05-30kiss: do not add binary packages as dependenciesmerakor
2020-05-29kiss: bump version2.1.0merakor
2020-05-29docs: updatemerakor
2020-05-29kiss: silent strippingmerakor
2020-05-29doc: update sample scriptmerakor
2020-05-29kiss-chroot: set CFLAGS based on architecturemerakor
2020-05-29kiss: add '$2' for version and '$3' for arch information on buildmerakor
2020-05-29kiss: simpler reverse dependency checkingmerakor
2020-05-29kiss: fix printing empty strip options when the file wasn't strippedmerakor
2020-05-28kiss: bump to
2020-05-28kiss-contrib.1: remove kiss-maintainermerakor
2020-05-28kiss-maintainer: moved to kiss-extramerakor
2020-05-28kiss: skip git repositories if git isn't installedmerakor
2020-05-28kiss: no need to silence stderr on commandmerakor
2020-05-28kiss: die if git is missing when a package source requires gitmerakor
2020-05-28kiss-reset: git out, rsync inmerakor
2020-05-28doc: add rsync repository documentationmerakor
2020-05-28kiss: switch to POSIX od as well.merakor
2020-05-28changelog: updatemerakor
2020-05-28kiss: fix directory check during package removalmerakor
2020-05-28kiss: initial rsync supportmerakor
2020-05-28kiss: don't define KISS_COMPRESS in a subshellmerakor
2020-05-28kiss: check manifests before removing directoriesmerakor
2020-05-28kiss: use $sys_db for remove hookmerakor
2020-05-28kiss: run remove hooks as rootmerakor
2020-05-28kiss: do not hardcode charset.alias locationmerakor
2020-05-28kiss: run pre/post-pull hooks when fetching repositoriesmerakor
2020-05-28kiss: adapt submodule pullingmerakor
2020-05-28kiss: check actual value instead of non-zeromerakor
2020-05-28kiss: add pre/post-remove hooksmerakor
2020-05-28kiss: use KISS_PROMPT for compatibilitymerakor
2020-05-27kiss-link: remove the file if it is a directorymerakor
2020-05-27kiss-chbuild: verify checksumsmerakor
2020-05-26kiss: bump version1.22.4merakor
2020-05-26kiss: run post-package hook after pkg_tarmerakor
2020-05-25kiss: rename hashcheck to sh256 for compatibility in kiss-binmerakor
2020-05-25kiss: enable the usage of glob characters with kiss-binmerakor
2020-05-24fix kinstall functionmerakor
2020-05-24add docsmerakor
2020-05-24kiss: remove non-POSIX printf * field width specifiermerakor
2020-05-18changelog: updatemerakor
2020-05-18kiss: prevent privilige escalations through user defined hooks1.22.3merakor
2020-05-15kiss: do not abort if kiss-readlink fails1.22.2merakor
2020-05-15kiss: bump version1.22.1merakor