AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-25cpt: bump to
2020-09-25pkg_extract(): change git clone behaviour to fetch tags.merakor
2020-09-25pkg_fixdeps(): output to stderr instead of /dev/ttymerakor
2020-09-25as_root(): change USER variablemerakor
2020-09-11cpt: bump to
2020-09-11cpt: bi can be run to install all built packagesmerakor
2020-09-10cpt-chbuild: run as_root() only if we aren't root.merakor
2020-09-10cpt: fix flags that start with '--no-'4.0.1merakor
2020-09-09cpt: bump to
2020-09-09remove docsmerakor
2020-09-09pkg_isbuilt(): simplifymerakor
2020-09-08tests: run primitive shellcheck instead of downloadingmerakor
2020-09-08cpt: fix getoptions initial value callsmerakor
2020-09-05CI: I forgot that ubuntu is ancientmerakor
2020-09-05add github workflowsmerakor
2020-09-05Makefile: add testsmerakor
2020-09-05cpt-search: fix shellcheck errormerakor
2020-09-05cpt: add back support for setting colors, fix shellcheck errormerakor
2020-09-05cpt-size: set files as the main argumentsmerakor
2020-09-05contrib: use current directory if no arguments are givenmerakor
2020-09-04cpt: add support for package testsmerakor
2020-09-04Makefile: add option to install tools "statically"merakor
2020-09-04Makefile: fix cpt-statmerakor
2020-09-04src/: prefer the cpt-lib on the current directory.merakor
2020-08-31pkg_fetch(): go to repository root before checking for Mercurialmerakor
2020-08-31pkg_fetch(): remove unnecessary check for gitmerakor
2020-08-31docs: updatemerakor
2020-08-31cpt-revdepends: do not require to be installed, skip make deps.merakor
2020-08-31cpt-lib: repository and source revamp. See log.merakor
2020-08-31pkg_sources(): return when there is no source file.merakor
2020-08-31cpt: revert to previous method for sh256()3.3.1merakor
2020-08-31cpt: bump version to
2020-08-31cpt-lib: switch to the same method for checksums with kissmerakor
2020-08-31warn(): change function behaviourmerakor
2020-08-31cpt-lib: add trap_set() function to manage trapsmerakor
2020-08-23pkg_cache(): prefer CPT_COMPRESS value if available.merakor
2020-08-23getoptions: do not unset variables if parameters aren't given.merakor
2020-08-22cpt: remove getopt and use shell library instead.merakor
2020-08-22cpt-lib: use getoptions library for option parsingmerakor
2020-08-22cpt-build: add an extra line after usagemerakor
2020-08-22cpt-build: fix usage output loopmerakor
2020-08-22README: updatemerakor
2020-08-22CHANGELOG: fixmerakor
2020-08-21cpt: bump to
2020-08-21run_hook: only show package if $2 is available.merakor
2020-08-21config.mk: add commented SYSTEM_GETOPT varmerakor
2020-08-21README: updatemerakor
2020-08-21cpt-chbuild: run 'pre-chroot' hook before entering chroot.merakor
2020-08-21cpt-chbuild: use cpt library functionsmerakor
2020-08-20cpt: use 'getopt' for option parsingmerakor