AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-02-02Update LICENSE year6.2.3merakor
2022-02-02cpt: bump version to 6.2.3merakor
2022-02-02CHANGELOG: updatemerakor
2022-02-02cpt-reset: increase verbosity by a lotmerakor
2022-02-02cpt-manifest-tree: adapt script to the new version of tree(1)merakor
2022-02-02pkg_verify(): fix checksum verification bug where extra sources couldmerakor
2022-01-31pkg_tar(): read package version from the built package directorymerakor
2021-12-12cpt-install: print messages entirely on stderrmerakor
2021-12-12cpt-install: print messages properly when target is a tarballmerakor
2021-11-096.2.2 release6.2.2merakor
2021-11-09CHANGELOG: updatemerakor
2021-11-09cpt-owns: fix shellcheck errormerakor
2021-11-09cpt-install: fix shellcheck errormerakor
2021-11-09cpt-download: fix shellcheck errormerakor
2021-11-09cpt-remove: fix shellcheck errormerakor
2021-11-09cpt-build: fix shellcheck errormerakor
2021-11-08cpt-lib: fix shellcheck errorsmerakor
2021-11-08pkg_swap(): properly log alternative swap for files that no longer exist.merakor
2021-09-20bump version to
2021-09-20CHANGELOG: updatemerakor
2021-09-20cpt-size: fix crux-like usagemerakor
2021-09-20cpt.1: update path to docsmerakor
2021-09-14CHANGELOG: updatemerakor
2021-09-14cpt-fork: follow symlinksmerakor
2021-08-14cpt: bump version to
2021-08-14docs: updatemerakor
2021-08-13Makefile: fix install targetmerakor
2021-08-13man: updatemerakor
2021-08-11Makefile: don't run Makefile if config.mk doesn't existmerakor
2021-08-11check download utilitymerakor
2021-08-11Create new branch named "cpt-6.2.x"merakor
2021-08-10CHANGELOG: updatemerakor
2021-08-10cpt-search: add description searching modemerakor
2021-08-10spec: updatemerakor
2021-08-10cpt-export: make use of the package manager librarymerakor
2021-08-10compress: add new functionmerakor
2021-08-10fix CPT_COMPRESS if faulty variable is setmerakor
2021-08-10cpt-cat: adhere to CPT_COLORmerakor
2021-08-10cpt-lib: add --color option to global parsermerakor
2021-08-10docs: updatemerakor
2021-08-10cpt-chbuild: use pkg_download and update optionsmerakor
2021-08-10cpt-lib: use a better way of trimming slashes on CPT_ROOTmerakor
2021-08-10cpt-cat: use cpt-libmerakor
2021-08-10execv: add function to execute stuff quietly unless CPT_VERBOSE is setmerakor
2021-08-07docs: updatemerakor
2021-08-07global_options: add compact optionmerakor
2021-08-07cpt-alternatives: don't print global options in usagemerakor
2021-08-07global_options: add argument to call silentmerakor
2021-08-04docs: update websitemerakor
2021-08-04merge maintenance branchmerakor