AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-09Merge branch 'master' into full-pkg-pathfull-pkg-pathmerakor
2020-11-09cpt-lib: don't make main() a function unto itselfmerakor
2020-11-09getoptions(): parse the options during main() call on cpt-libmerakor
2020-11-03cpt-lib: fix shellcheck errormerakor
2020-11-03cpt-lib: fix shellcheck errormerakor
2020-11-03Merge branch 'master' into full-pkg-pathmerakor
2020-11-03cpt-search: add '--others' optionmerakor
2020-11-01Make cpt accept package paths (*/package)merakor
2020-10-31cpt-fork: allow specifying full pathmerakor
2020-10-31src: update parser definitionsmerakor
2020-10-31getoptions: update to 2.0.1merakor
2020-10-25cpt-lib (pkg_fixdeps): rename to pkg_fix_deps and major changes:merakor
2020-10-25pkg_owner(): add function to retrieve the owning package of a filemerakor
2020-10-25cpt-base: add gitmerakor
2020-10-25cpt-lib: update getoptions library function to v1.1.0merakor
2020-10-20cpt-size: add ability to check the size of multiple packagesmerakor
2020-10-06cpt: bump to
2020-10-06cpt-build: export CPT_TEST variablemerakor
2020-10-05cpt-search: fix typomerakor
2020-10-05CHANGELOG: updatemerakor
2020-10-05cpt-fetch: remove toolmerakor
2020-10-05cpt-update: use -o flag instead of -f for "Only fetch"merakor
2020-10-05cpt-update: add function to only fetch repositoriesmerakor
2020-10-05cpt-fork: remove etcsums as wellmerakor
2020-10-05cpt-list: add optionsmerakor
2020-10-05cpt: add global options to the library.merakor
2020-10-05README: updatemerakor
2020-10-05cpt-orphans: add tool to print orphaned packages.merakor
2020-10-05cpt-reset: rewrite to make use of the /etc/cpt-base file.merakor
2020-10-04cpt-base: define base, and make it redefinablemerakor
2020-10-04cpt-lib: readability changesmerakor
2020-10-02cpt-fork: add ability to fork multiple packagesmerakor
2020-10-02cpt-fork: remove manifest from the package directorymerakor
2020-10-02pkg_extract(): allow the usage of '@' for tags.merakor
2020-09-25pkg_build(): Notify the user if the build file was modified.merakor
2020-09-25cpt: bump to
2020-09-25pkg_extract(): change git clone behaviour to fetch tags.merakor
2020-09-25pkg_fixdeps(): output to stderr instead of /dev/ttymerakor
2020-09-25as_root(): change USER variablemerakor
2020-09-11cpt: bump to
2020-09-11cpt: bi can be run to install all built packagesmerakor
2020-09-10cpt-chbuild: run as_root() only if we aren't root.merakor
2020-09-10cpt: fix flags that start with '--no-'4.0.1merakor
2020-09-09cpt: bump to
2020-09-09remove docsmerakor
2020-09-09pkg_isbuilt(): simplifymerakor
2020-09-08tests: run primitive shellcheck instead of downloadingmerakor
2020-09-08cpt: fix getoptions initial value callsmerakor
2020-09-05CI: I forgot that ubuntu is ancientmerakor
2020-09-05add github workflowsmerakor