AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-03Merge branch 'master' into helpershelpersmerakor
2021-01-03pkg_gentree(): add function to generate a dependency graphmerakor
2021-01-03pkg_get_base(): add function to print the packages defined in /etc/cpt-basemerakor
2021-01-03sepchar(): add function to seperate characters on given stringmerakor
2021-01-03_seq(): add function to print numbers sequentiallymerakor
2021-01-03as_root(): add `sls` to accepted root toolsmerakor
2020-12-30Merge branch 'master' into helpersmerakor
2020-12-30cpt-install|cpt-remove: fix faulty CPT_PATHmerakor
2020-12-30Merge branch 'master' into helpersmerakor
2020-12-30cpt-owns: remove cpt-lib callmerakor
2020-12-30cpt-build: fix faulty CPT_PATH settingmerakor
2020-12-30as_root(): add CPT_CROSS_TRIPLET variablemerakor
2020-12-30helpers: add libdirmerakor
2020-12-30cpt-lib: use the $CPT_CROSS_TRIPLET for bin_dirmerakor
2020-12-30helpers: rename $configure_args to configure_filemerakor
2020-12-27cpt-configure: add prefix to the sysrootmerakor
2020-12-27lib.rc: add helpers directory to getbin()merakor
2020-12-27cpt-configure: add helper script for gnu-configuremerakor
2020-12-27cpt-lib: define package directory variablesmerakor
2020-12-27github: fix workflowmerakor
2020-12-27tools: add install.shmerakor
2020-12-27cpt: print docstrings using awk instead of sedmerakor
2020-12-27do: move to tools directorymerakor
2020-12-26lib.rc: fix getbin()merakor
2020-12-24cpt: do not track info directory pagesmerakor
2020-12-24INSTALL: add installation instructionsmerakor
2020-12-24docs/default.do: silence the 'command -v' callmerakor
2020-12-24config.rc: remove C-related variablesmerakor
2020-12-24lib.rc: move helper functions to a seperate filemerakor
2020-12-24cpt: add info page to the build systemmerakor
2020-12-23dir-locals: updatemerakor
2020-12-21gitignore: ignore cpt-libmerakor
2020-12-21dir-local: fix excluded warning listmerakor
2020-12-21cpt-lib: add ability to be used as a scriptmerakor
2020-12-21cpt: remove cpt-stat and cpt-readlink, add _stat() and _readlinkfmerakor
2020-12-21tests: calm shellcheck downmerakor
2020-12-21Merge branch 'redo'merakor
2020-12-21cpt-chbuild: use the cache structure of the librarymerakor
2020-12-21Merge branch 'master' into redoredomerakor
2020-12-21create_cache(): new variable and argument changesmerakor
2020-12-21docs/default: change targetsmerakor
2020-12-21default.do: run docs/all instead of docs/cpt.infomerakor
2020-12-20README: updatemerakor
2020-12-20.gitignore: updatemerakor
2020-12-20GitHub Workflows: add minimal 'do' shell script for use in testsmerakor
2020-12-20bin: add testsmerakor
2020-12-20default.do: remove second PHONY call, add PHONY call to src/cleanmerakor
2020-12-20config.rc: better helper functionsmerakor
2020-12-20src: be more specific for calling shellcheck on scriptsmerakor
2020-12-20src: remove Makefilemerakor