AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-04CHANGELOG: updateshellspecmerakor
2021-02-04cpt-export: properly fallback to gzmerakor
2021-02-04specs: updatemerakor
2021-01-11cpt-export: use sed to generate manifestmerakor
2021-01-11cpt-export: simplify tar usagemerakor
2021-01-11cpt-export: change directory in a subshellmerakor
2021-01-11shellspec: update specfiles and add new dummy packagemerakor
2021-01-11Merge branch 'master' into shellspecmerakor
2021-01-11cpt-cat: fix using alternate root directoriesmerakor
2021-01-06shellspec: add spec_helpermerakor
2021-01-06shellspec: fix install_dummy functionmerakor
2021-01-06Merge branch 'master' into shellspecmerakor
2021-01-06install.sh: add '-s' flag for calling sed on filemerakor
2021-01-05pkg_build(): create package directories manuallymerakor
2021-01-05shellspec tests: add dummy packagemerakor
2021-01-05cpt-new: minor changesmerakor
2021-01-05GitHub Actions: fix testsmerakor
2021-01-05GitHub Actions: fix testsmerakor
2021-01-05GitHub Actions: fix permission errormerakor
2021-01-05GitHub Actions: update workflowmerakor
2021-01-05shellspec: add unit testsmerakor
2021-01-05docs: updatemerakor
2021-01-05cpt: add 'cbi' shortcut for checksum, build, and installmerakor
2021-01-05run_hook(): store and release the CPT_HOOK variablemerakor
2021-01-05cpt-depends: minor changesmerakor
2021-01-05cpt-cat: minor changesmerakor
2021-01-04cpt-download: exit with success on usagemerakor
2021-01-04cpt-checksum: exit with success on usagemerakor
2021-01-04cpt-alternatives: exit with success on usagemerakor
2021-01-04LICENSE: updatemerakor
2021-01-04gitignore: updatemerakor
2021-01-04Merge 5.1.2 changesmerakor
2021-01-04fix changelog date5.1.xmerakor
2021-01-04cpt: update version to 5.1.2merakor
2021-01-04Merge branch '5.1.x'merakor
2021-01-04docs: updatemerakor
2021-01-04pkg_swap(): fix swap regular expressionmerakor
2021-01-04docs: updatemerakor
2021-01-04lib.rc: find all .redo directoriesmerakor
2021-01-04docs: updatemerakor
2021-01-04docs: updatemerakor
2021-01-04docs: add portability functionsmerakor
2021-01-04docs: updatemerakor
2021-01-04pkg_get_base: fix shellcheck error on older versionsmerakor
2021-01-04pkg_get_base(): Return with success if cpt-base doesn't existmerakor
2021-01-03pkg_gentree(): add function to generate a dependency graphmerakor
2021-01-03pkg_get_base(): add function to print the packages defined in /etc/cpt-basemerakor
2021-01-03sepchar(): add function to seperate characters on given stringmerakor
2021-01-03_seq(): add function to print numbers sequentiallymerakor
2021-01-03as_root(): add `sls` to accepted root toolsmerakor