AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-14cpt: release 6.0.0 release candidate 26.0.0-rc2unknownmerakor
2021-03-14Makefile: fix contrib and src macrosmerakor
2021-03-13tar_extract(): change pax component stripping stringmerakor
2021-03-12docs: updatemerakor
2021-03-12docs: updatemerakor
2021-03-12cpt: 6.0.0 release candidate 16.0.0-rc1merakor
2021-03-12cpt-export: add lzip supportmerakor
2021-03-12CHANGELOG: updatemerakor
2021-03-12Makefile: install 'contrib' manual pages.merakor
2021-03-12docs: updatemerakor
2021-03-12cpt-revdepends: use library, new optionsmerakor
2021-03-12cpt-owns: use package manager librarymerakor
2021-03-12cpt-reset: use library to get base packagesmerakor
2021-03-12cpt-orphans: use cpt-lib to get base packagesmerakor
2021-03-12CHANGELOG: updatemerakor
2021-03-12cpt-link: change usage, add documentationmerakor
2021-03-12docs: updatemerakor
2021-03-12cpt-chroot: add manual page outputmerakor
2021-03-12cpt-chroot: use standard usage outputmerakor
2021-03-12tool2man.sh: Add script to generate manual pages for 'contrib' scriptsmerakor
2021-03-12pkg_remove(): Fix reverse dependency resolving on sbase grepmerakor
2021-03-08build.yml: updatemerakor
2021-03-04fix build.ymlmerakor
2021-03-04.build.yml: switch to specified version until I update testsmerakor
2021-03-04.build.yml: updatemerakor
2021-03-04.build.yml: updatemerakor
2021-03-04.build.yml: updatemerakor
2021-03-04tests: switch to builds.sr.ht from githubmerakor
2021-02-28README: updatemerakor
2021-02-25Makefile: fix dependenciesmerakor
2021-02-25cpt: add support for lz compression/decompressionmerakor
2021-02-24update manual pagesmerakor
2021-02-23dummy cpt-base file for testsmerakor
2021-02-23spec: update unit testsmerakor
2021-02-23pkg_query_meta(): new function to query meta files inside package directoriesmerakor
2021-02-23pkg_{gentree,get_base}(): use format for newline handlingmerakor
2021-02-23pkg_get_base(): use for loop instead of while loopmerakor
2021-02-22pkg_get_base(): return the dependency tree as wellmerakor
2021-02-22pkg_gentree(): add 'f' key to include the package itselfmerakor
2021-02-22pkg_gentree(): exit instead of returning error with unknown keymerakor
2021-02-07as_root(): reflect rename: sls -> ssumerakor
2021-02-04cpt-alternatives: use getoptions parser so that global options are recognizedmerakor
2021-02-04cpt-lib: disable faulty shellcheck error on older versionsmerakor
2021-02-04shellspec: simplify sed callmerakor
2021-02-04shellspec: use config.mk instead of config.rcmerakor
2021-02-04GitHub actions: fix workflowsmerakor
2021-02-04docs: updatemerakor
2021-02-04docs: updatemerakor
2021-02-04cpt: switch back to 'make'merakor
2021-02-04Merge branch 'shellspec'merakor