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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-22cpt: remove getopt and use shell library instead.merakor
2020-08-20Makefile: build getoptmerakor
2020-07-24tools: move to srcmerakor
2020-07-24cpt: keep the file structure simplermerakor
2020-07-24Makefile: remove the manpages appropriatelymerakor
2020-07-24Makefile: fix uninstallmerakor
2020-07-24Makefile: fix install syntaxmerakor
2020-07-24Makefile: adapt to the latest changesmerakor
2020-07-23Makefile: use objectsmerakor
2020-06-08Makefile: use config.mk for configuration, Makefile simplificationsmerakor
2020-05-24add docsmerakor
2020-05-06Makefile: use '-f' flag on cp commandsmerakor
2020-05-04Makefile: reflect changes in C filesmerakor
2020-05-04kiss-readlink: add 'readlink -f' replacementmerakor
2020-05-03kiss: use our own version of stat for portability purposes.merakor
2020-04-30Makefile: portability fixesmerakor
2020-04-04Makefile: update for manpage changesmerakor
2020-03-17add makefilemerakor