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2020-08-21cpt-chbuild: run 'pre-chroot' hook before entering chroot.merakor
2020-08-21cpt-chbuild: use cpt library functionsmerakor
2020-08-12cpt-owns: deal with relative path and commands, change output formatmerakor
2020-07-24cpt-outdated: removemerakor
2020-07-24contrib: replace kiss usage with cpt toolsmerakor
2020-07-24cpt-which: remove as it is no longer necessarymerakor
2020-07-24contrib: rename scriptsmerakor
2020-06-25contrib: change usage outputsmerakor
2020-06-21kiss-chroot: use system flags where applicablemerakor
2020-06-21kiss-chbuild: change usagemerakor
2020-06-21kiss-chbuild: install extra packages if specifiedmerakor
2020-06-03kiss-chroot: fix x86_64 hostsmerakor
2020-05-29kiss-chroot: set CFLAGS based on architecturemerakor
2020-05-28kiss-maintainer: moved to kiss-extramerakor
2020-05-28kiss-reset: git out, rsync inmerakor
2020-05-27kiss-link: remove the file if it is a directorymerakor
2020-05-27kiss-chbuild: verify checksumsmerakor
2020-05-15contrib: move some utilities to kiss-extramerakor
2020-05-15kiss-owns: fix a typo that caused failuremerakor
2020-05-14contrib: add kiss-execmerakor
2020-05-14kiss-owns: only read the link for the directory, not the file itselfmerakor
2020-05-13contrib: use --help and -h for usage informationmerakor
2020-05-06contrib: add kiss-reporevdependsmerakor
2020-05-06kiss: fix doc-strings for contrib scriptsmerakor
2020-05-04contrib: add kiss-messagemerakor
2020-05-01contrib: add kiss-changelogmerakor
2020-05-01contrib: add kiss-whichmerakor
2020-04-25contrib: add usagesmerakor
2020-04-25kiss: Remove mention of rsyncmerakor
2020-04-20contrib: additions, usage, simplificationsmerakor
2020-04-19kiss: Revert 'kiss s' and 'kiss ss' changes1.13.1merakor
2020-04-18kiss-repodepends: use 'kiss ss' instead of sedmerakor
2020-04-17kiss-repodepends: don't output the dependencies of installed packagemerakor
2020-04-15kiss-export: fallback to gz if KISS_COMPRESS is not knownmerakor
2020-04-13kiss-export: honour KISS_COMPRESS valuemerakor
2020-04-11kiss-outdated: actually fix printing empty versions, change user noticemerakor
2020-04-11kiss-outdated: fix printing empty version informationmerakor
2020-04-04kiss-link: simplify and add support for multiple filesmerakor
2020-04-04contrib: add kiss-cargolock-urlgenmerakor
2020-04-04kiss-owns: meaningful output if arg is a directorymerakor
2020-04-04contrib: added kiss-catmerakor
2020-04-04kiss-cargo-urlgen: fix a bug that could lead to wrong url generationmerakor
2020-03-18modify kiss-chbuildmerakor
2020-03-13contrib: Added kiss-[fork,link]dylan.araps@gmail.com
2020-03-13kiss-chroot: Fix cxxflags. Closes #123dylan.araps@gmail.com
2020-03-12kiss-chroot: Set CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS via $2dylan.araps@gmail.com
2020-03-12kiss-choot: Allow arch to be set via $2dylan.araps@gmail.com
2020-03-12contrib: Added kiss-cargo-urlgendylan.araps@gmail.com
2020-03-11contrib: Remove unneeded checksdylan.araps@gmail.com
2020-03-11kiss-reset: Fix bugdylan.araps@gmail.com