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2020-04-25kiss: bump to
2020-04-25kiss: Cleanupmerakor
2020-04-22kiss: pull some upstream changesmerakor
2020-04-22kiss: use install instead of cp where possiblemerakor
2020-04-22kiss: ensure that the owner actually existsmerakor
2020-04-22kiss: drop '-d' flag from sortmerakor
2020-04-22kiss: drop rsyncmerakor
2020-04-22kiss: skip symbolic links during manifest checkingmerakor
2020-04-22kiss: better manifest checkingmerakor
2020-04-22kiss: Abort install if file missing in manifestmerakor
2020-04-20kiss: Case remove UBmerakor
2020-04-20kiss: check for the first argumentmerakor
2020-04-20kiss: display a warning for KISS_ROOT if it ends with '/'merakor
2020-04-20kiss: fix old_ifsmerakor
2020-04-20Revert "kiss: don't use old_ifs"merakor
2020-04-20kiss: don't use old_ifsmerakor
2020-04-19kiss: use '-x' and '-d' flags in pkg_find instead of '-e'merakor
2020-04-19kiss: implement user scripts from upstreammerakor
2020-04-19kiss: Revert 'kiss s' and 'kiss ss' changes1.13.1merakor
2020-04-19kiss: fix checksum mistake when checksums file doesn't exist.merakor
2020-04-18kiss: bump to
2020-04-18kiss: add missing optionmerakor
2020-04-18kiss: split search into singlesearch and searchmerakor
2020-04-18kiss: pkg_fixdeps(): More portable diffmerakor
2020-04-18kiss: Squish build to match its size.merakor
2020-04-18kiss: Hide read error message as we have our ownmerakor
2020-04-18kiss: Make 'kiss s' usage saner for scripting.merakor
2020-04-18kiss: Elevate permissions if needed during checksum generation.merakor
2020-04-17kiss: fix shellcheck errormerakor
2020-04-17kiss: bump to
2020-04-15kiss: change indentation stylemerakor
2020-04-15kiss: respect KISS_ROOT values in fixdeps1.12.2merakor
2020-04-15kiss: fix possible KISS_ROOT usagemerakor
2020-04-15kiss: fix KISS_PATH without argumentsmerakor
2020-04-14kiss: use the upper directory for KISS_PATH if no argument is specifiedmerakor
2020-04-14kiss: use the current working directory for packages if no argument is specifiedmerakor
2020-04-14kiss: extract zipsmerakor
2020-04-12kiss: fix pkg_fixdeps1.12.1merakor
2020-04-04kiss: bump to
2020-04-03kiss: use for-loop instead of find1.11.1-carbsmerakor
2020-04-03bump to
2020-04-03kiss: add repository submodule supportmerakor
2020-04-02docs: update1.10.1-carbsmerakor
2020-04-02kiss: apply stripping changes1.10-carbsmerakor
2020-04-02kiss: Force C localemerakor
2020-04-02kiss: Move etc handling to functionmerakor
2020-04-02kiss: Squish alternatives listmerakor
2020-04-02kiss: also check symlinks for packagesmerakor
2020-03-22docs: update1.9.0-7merakor