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2020-07-24fix wrong mention of command or namesmerakor
2020-07-24replace manual pagesmerakor
2020-05-28kiss-contrib.1: remove kiss-maintainermerakor
2020-05-15contrib: move some utilities to kiss-extramerakor
2020-05-14kiss: change KISS_COLOUR variable to KISS_COLORmerakor
2020-05-12kiss.1: add KISS_TMPDIRmerakor
2020-05-09kiss.1: add the download functionmerakor
2020-05-07kiss: add option to disable prompts1.20.0merakor
2020-05-07kiss.1: updatemerakor
2020-05-06manpages: add kiss-reporevdepends to kiss-contrib.1merakor
2020-05-04contrib: add kiss-messagemerakor
2020-05-04kiss-readlink: add 'readlink -f' replacementmerakor
2020-05-03kiss: use our own version of stat for portability purposes.merakor
2020-05-02kiss-contrib.1: add kiss-changelog and kiss-which to the manual pagemerakor
2020-04-19kiss: Revert 'kiss s' and 'kiss ss' changes1.13.1merakor
2020-04-18kiss: bump to
2020-04-04man: add kiss-contrib.1merakor