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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-10cpt: fix flags that start with '--no-'4.0.1merakor
2020-09-08cpt: fix getoptions initial value callsmerakor
2020-09-04cpt: add support for package testsmerakor
2020-09-04src/: prefer the cpt-lib on the current directory.merakor
2020-08-23getoptions: do not unset variables if parameters aren't given.merakor
2020-08-22cpt: remove getopt and use shell library instead.merakor
2020-08-22cpt-build: add an extra line after usagemerakor
2020-08-22cpt-build: fix usage output loopmerakor
2020-08-20cpt: use 'getopt' for option parsingmerakor
2020-08-03cpt: create caches manually for each script that needs itmerakor
2020-07-24tools: move to srcmerakor