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2021-10-27pkg_updates(): make cpt-update reentrantupdate-execmerakor
2021-10-27docs: updatemerakor
2021-09-08docs: updatemerakor
2021-09-08cpt-lib: revise temporary file usagemerakor
2021-09-08main(): fix variable declarationmerakor
2021-09-08main(): change the way cache and temporary variables are defined, add supportmerakor
2021-09-08log(): change print function depending on number of argumentsmerakor
2021-08-10cpt-search: add description searching modemerakor
2021-08-10compress: add new functionmerakor
2021-08-10fix CPT_COMPRESS if faulty variable is setmerakor
2021-08-10cpt-lib: add --color option to global parsermerakor
2021-08-10cpt-lib: use a better way of trimming slashes on CPT_ROOTmerakor
2021-08-10execv: add function to execute stuff quietly unless CPT_VERBOSE is setmerakor
2021-08-07global_options: add compact optionmerakor
2021-08-07cpt-alternatives: don't print global options in usagemerakor
2021-08-07global_options: add argument to call silentmerakor
2021-08-04merge maintenance branchmerakor
2021-08-04fix rare find(1) bug during manifest generationmerakor
2021-08-01docs: updatemerakor
2021-07-30cpt-checksum: fix crux-like usagemerakor
2021-07-30cpt-checksum: add option to use sha256 digestmerakor
2021-07-30docs: updatemerakor
2021-07-30cpt-lib: fix faulty check-inblake3merakor
2021-07-30pkg_etcsums: variable fixmerakor
2021-07-30cpt: use blake3 as a digest algorithmmerakor
2021-07-30cpt-checksum: use pkg_find once per loopmerakor
2021-07-30cpt-checksum: don't generate checksums file if no sources existmerakor
2021-07-24pkg_download: new function for using alternative downloadersmerakor
2021-07-22cpt-lib: change default log colormerakor
2021-07-19as_root: update environment variablesmerakor
2021-07-19outv/logv/warnv: fix testsmerakor
2021-07-19pkg_query_meta: accept full path as well as package namesmerakor
2021-07-17pkg_repository_update: read "MOTD" instead of "motd"merakor
2021-07-17add --verbose flagmerakor
2021-07-17silence the package manager a bitmerakor
2021-07-17cpt-list: add --quiet long optionmerakor
2021-07-17cpt-list: update usage stringmerakor
2021-07-17cpt-list: add flag to make the operation quietmerakor
2021-07-04pkg_install: preserve setuidmerakor
2021-07-03pkg_extract: fixmerakor
2021-07-03pkg_extract: strip components using paxmerakor
2021-07-03pkg_repository_update(): read motd file if it existsmerakor
2021-07-03fossil-backend: fix pull and rootdir functionsmerakor
2021-07-03_multiply_char: add function to generate charactersmerakor
2021-07-03pkg_vcs*: update log functionsmerakor
2021-07-03pkg_vcs_pull_git: fetch submodules even if the repository is localmerakor
2021-07-03cpt-lib: fix pax usagemerakor
2021-07-02cpt: enforce pax instead of using combinations of tarmerakor
2021-06-26cpt-update: fix `-o` flag handlingmerakor
2021-06-26pkg_repository_update(): move package repository update callsmerakor