Carbs Linux User Manual

This is the Carbs Linux documentation written with Emacs Org-mode. It can be viewed offline by installing the carbs-docs package. Distribution tarballs come with a prebuilt info page and plaintext pages, so neither emacs nor texinfo is necessary.

You can view offline documentation by doing one of the following:

less /usr/share/doc/carbslinux.txt


info carbslinux

There are two packages in the repository for viewing info files, texinfo and info. The info package only comes with the statically linked documentation reader, so you don't need perl to install it.

cpt-build info carbs-docs

To generate info pages from the git repository, you will need to install texinfo. For your convenience, the plaintext and texinfo files are committed directly on the repository, but those files are generated directly from Emacs.

git clone git://git.carbslinux.org/docs
cpt-build texinfo && cpt-install texinfo
make PREFIX=/usr install
install-info /usr/share/info/carbslinux.info /usr/share/info/dir