AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-09Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'HEADmasterCem Keylan
2021-03-09start-stop-daemon: explain -x + -a testDenys Vlasenko
2021-03-02ntpd: tweak commentsDenys Vlasenko
2021-03-02ntpd: decrease INITIAL_SAMPLES from 4 to 3Denys Vlasenko
2021-03-01vi: code shrinkDenys Vlasenko
2021-03-01vi: restore 0 offset after :set noXXX commandAlison Winters
2021-02-26bc: typo fix in commentDenys Vlasenko
2021-02-26dc: more docs in --helpDenys Vlasenko
2021-02-26dc: document what non-GNU commands doDenys Vlasenko
2021-02-26bc/dc: fix length(0) and length(0.000nnn) resultDenys Vlasenko
2021-02-26dc: correct --help textDenys Vlasenko
2021-02-23trylink: do not drop libs from CONFIG_EXTRA_LDLIBSDenys Vlasenko
2021-02-23echo: do not assume that free() leaves errno unmodifiedNatanael Copa
2021-02-23lineedit: support empty PATH entries in tab completionRon Yorston
2021-02-22diff: code shrinkRon Yorston
2021-02-22dnsd: check that we don't read past packetDenys Vlasenko
2021-02-21udhcp: reuse stringsDenys Vlasenko
2021-02-21ntpd: log responses to clients at log level 3Denys Vlasenko
2021-02-21ntpd: without INITIAL_FREQ_ESTIMATION code, state variable is not needed tooDenys Vlasenko
2021-02-21ntpd: remove unused USING_INITIAL_FREQ_ESTIMATION codeDenys Vlasenko
2021-02-21ntpd: increase loglevel to 3 for "poll:32s sockets:0 interval:64s" messageDenys Vlasenko
2021-02-20udhcpc: clarify bcast/unicast sends in logs, include server IDDenys Vlasenko
2021-02-18libbb: fix '--help' handling in FEATURE_SH_NOFORK=yDenys Vlasenko
2021-02-18ash: placate -Werror=format-securityDenys Vlasenko
2021-02-18Merge branch '1_33_stable'Cem Keylan
2021-02-18wget: use bearssl instead of opensslv1.33.0Cem Keylan
2021-02-15applets/usage_pod.c: placate gccDenys Vlasenko
2021-02-07Makefile.flags: fix the OS detection for libresolvMartin Kaiser
2021-02-03libbb: introduce and use fputs_stdoutRon Yorston
2021-02-03libbb: code shrink fgets_strRon Yorston
2021-02-02nl: ensure '-b n' option displays file contentRon Yorston
2021-02-02cryptpw: typo in usage messageRon Yorston
2021-02-02vi: fix range selection by forward character motionRon Yorston
2021-02-02libbb: code shrink and speed up index_in_strings()Ron Yorston
2021-02-02libbb: code shrink and speed up find_applet_by_name()Ron Yorston
2021-02-02awk: allow printf('%c') to output NUL, closes 13486Ron Yorston
2021-02-02traceroute: fix option parsingDenys Vlasenko
2021-01-14update_passwd: fix context variableBernd Kuhls
2021-01-09ash: match bash behavior for ${empty_var/*/repl}Denys Vlasenko
2021-01-09ash: fix ${unset_var/pattern/repl}Denys Vlasenko
2021-01-06bc: code shrinkDenys Vlasenko
2021-01-05pmap: fix column width, closes 13431Denys Vlasenko
2021-01-04Fix for the FEATURE_UTMP on the FreeBSDAlex Samorukov
2021-01-04bc: ^C on input line exits (unlike ^C during calculations, which does not)Denys Vlasenko
2021-01-04Fix mail compilation on the FreeBSDAlex Samorukov
2021-01-04Fix traceroute applet on the FreeBSDAlex Samorukov
2021-01-04Fix ping build on the FreeBSDAlex Samorukov
2021-01-04Fix ntpd compilcation on the FreeBSDAlex Samorukov
2021-01-04Fix mknod compilation on the FreeBSDAlex Samorukov
2021-01-04Fix missing "crypt.h" compilation error on the FreeBSDAlex Samorukov