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@@ -12,12 +12,19 @@ Features
* Photoshop PSD files
* Animated GIFS
* Various RAW formats
+* Configurable key bindings and behaviour
+Example Usage
+The following examples are a quick illustration of how you can use imv.
+For full documentation see the man page.
### Opening images
- imv image1.png another_image.jpeg yet_another.TIFF
+ imv image1.png another_image.jpeg a_directory
+### Opening a directory recursively
+ imv -r Photos
### Opening images via stdin
find . "*.png" | imv
@@ -31,20 +38,38 @@ Usage
### Viewing images from stdin
curl http://somesi.te/img.png | imv -
-### Image picker
+### Advanced use
imv can be used to select images in a pipeline by using the `p` hotkey to print
the current image's path to stdout. The `-l` flag can also be used to tell imv
to list the remaining paths on exit for a "open set of images, close unwanted
ones with `x`, then quit imv to pass the remaining images through" workflow.
-#### Picking a wallpaper
- custom-set-wallpaper-script "$(find ./wallpaper -type f -name '*.jpg' | imv | tail -n1)"
+Through custom bindings, imv can be configured to perform almost any action
+you like.
#### Deleting unwanted images
- find -type f -name '*.jpg' | imv | xargs rm -v
+In your imv config:
+ [binds]
+ <Shift+x> = exec rm $imv_current_file
+Then press 'X' within imv to delete the image.
+#### Rotate an image
+In your imv config:
+ [binds]
+ <Shift+r> = exec mogrify -rotate 90 $imv_current_file
+Then press 'R' within imv to rotate the image 90 degrees using imagemagick.
+#### Tag images from imv using dmenu as a prompt
+In your imv config:
+ [binds]
+ u = exec echo $imv_current_file >> ~/tags/$(ls ~/tags | dmenu -p "tag")
-#### Choosing pictures to email
- find ./holiday_pics -type f -name '*.jpg' | imv | xargs cp -t ~/outbox
+Then press 'u' within imv to tag the current image.
#### Viewing images from the web
curl -Osw '%{filename_effective}\n' 'http://www.example.com/[1-10].jpg' | imv
@@ -92,6 +117,6 @@ Tests
-`imv` is published under the [MIT](LICENSE.MIT) license, but due to the use of
-a GPLv2 library `imv` is also published under the terms of the
+`imv`'s source is published under the [MIT](LICENSE.MIT) license, but due to
+the use of a GPLv2 library `imv` is also published under the terms of the
[GPLv2](LICENSE.GPL) license.