AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-10-04imv-dir: use shell substitution instead of dirnameHEADmasterCem Keylan
2021-10-04imv: use libgrapheme instead of icuCem Keylan
2021-09-29Rename imv-folder to imv-dirMaxim Karasev
2021-09-29Simplify imv-folder scriptMaxim Karasev
2021-09-05cairo: Replace <cairo/cairo.h> by <cairo.h>Issam E. Maghni
2021-08-05Release v4.3.0Harry Jeffery
2021-08-05Make freeimage backend have preceedence over libjpegIvan Oleynikov
2021-07-29Fix lack of X11 window deletion event handlingkat witch
2021-07-29WIP: Use set_size instead of set_absolute_size for fontIvan Oleynikov
2021-07-29Scale fonts when Wayland updates scaling factorIvan Oleynikov
2021-07-09Also suppress TIFF errors from stdinHarry Jeffery
2021-07-09Fix missing m dependency for imv-msgHarry Jeffery
2021-07-09Suppress annoying TIFF errorsHarry Jeffery
2021-07-08Fix image skipping when reading slow filesystemsHarry Jeffery
2021-07-08Add a contrib-commands optionsomini
2021-07-08Move imv-folder files to contribsomini
2021-07-08Tweak imv-folder file sortingsomini
2021-07-08Fix imv-folder usage with sub-folders with imagessomini
2021-07-08Keep the folder order when using imv-foldersomini
2021-07-08Include support for imv-foldersomini
2021-07-08Fix zoom speed dependence on buffer/image widthRonan Dalton
2021-07-08Don't stop listing files in dir when stat failn3f4s
2021-06-24fix double-free when backend libjpeg is usedmx
2021-04-14Resolve path in imv_navigator_find_path()Aleksander Szczygieł
2021-04-14List image/heif as a supported mime typeHugo Barrera
2021-04-14Fallback to 'opengl' when dependency('gl') failsHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier
2021-04-14use exponential increments for zoomingPascal Sommer
2021-04-14Include string headerMatthias Coppens
2021-01-09Wayland: Perform display roundtrip after changing scaleHarry Jeffery
2020-12-17Release v4.2.0Harry Jeffery
2020-12-17Fix first/last image indexing bugHarry Jeffery
2020-12-17Add include limits.hMatthias Coppens
2020-12-03Add default keybinding for image rotationMark Stosberg
2020-12-02wayland: Fix initial black screen due to size of 0x0Scott Moreau
2020-12-02Use system inih if availableStephan Lachnit
2020-12-02imv: don't rely on glibc's lack of FILE sync on exit.Érico Rolim
2020-11-16imv, ipc: improve error checking for ipc creation.Érico Rolim
2020-11-16imv: fix stdin prompt and use fputs.Érico Rolim
2020-11-16Document 'crop' scaling modeHarry Jeffery
2020-11-16.builds/ubuntu.yml: fix image name.Érico Rolim
2020-11-16Make tests and man pages optionalSimon Ser
2020-08-31Fix bug handling multi-key bindsHarry Jeffery
2020-08-31treewide: fix typosTorstein Husebø
2020-08-31Add missing documentation for overlay_position_bottomHarry Jeffery
2020-08-31colored overlay: config options in man, split rgbaAndreas Stallinger
2020-08-31colored overlayAndreas Stallinger
2020-07-21Support rotate and flip commands on SVGTuomas Siipola
2020-07-21FreeBSD: use librsvg2-rust instead of librsvg2Andreas Stallinger
2020-07-21Sort directory entries alphabeticallyClownacy
2020-07-21Use private mapping for memfd with keymap.Aleksei Bavshin