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The .gitignore file ignores the directory build/, therefore it makes most sense to use this directory in the example as well.
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2020-02-08drop the old Makefile and update the docsEric Engestrom
2019-09-02libnsgif: Add libnsgif backendHarry Jeffery
2019-09-02README: Correct libjpeg -> libjpeg-turboHarry Jeffery
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2017-12-07Fix license in READMEHarry Jeffery
2017-11-29Write docs with asciidocHarry Jeffery
2017-11-26The irc channel is dead. Long live the irc channel.Harry Jeffery
2016-04-02Add -x switch to exit imv when reaching end of file list.Hannes Koerber
2016-03-06Forgot "imv" in exampleDmitrij D. Czarkoff
2016-03-06Note command for viewing images from the webDmitrij D. Czarkoff
2016-01-14Note new syntax in README.mdDmitrij D. Czarkoff
2016-01-13Gather status of eXeC64/imv in Travis indicatorDmitrij D. Czarkoff
2016-01-09Add Travis CI supportDmitrij D. Czarkoff
Unfortunately, Travis only wants to use Ubuntu LTS releases, so at least until next Ubuntu LTS release we are stuck with ancient cmocka version. So no automated testing yet.
2015-12-26Fix usage examplesHarry Jeffery
Fixes #61
2015-12-25Add verbose modeDmitrij D. Czarkoff
If V variable is set to any value, commands will be echoed to standard output.
2015-12-25Make installation locations more configurableDmitrij D. Czarkoff
This might be desired when platform has its own, custom layout (eg. OpenBSD or Solaris), or when user wants to install the program to his home directory.
2015-12-11Update READMEHarry Jeffery
2015-12-08Add testing infrastructureHarry Jeffery
2015-11-29Document pthreads dependencyHarry Jeffery
The linking argument isn't strictly needed, since SDL pulls that in, but there's no harm in manually specifying it for people reading the Makefile to see.
2015-11-19Don't use -i in examplesHarry Jeffery
2015-11-19Add dependency information to READMEHarry Jeffery
2015-11-15Add irc channel to readmeHarry Jeffery
2015-11-12Fix typo in READMEHarry Jeffery
2015-11-12Add more usage examples to READMEHarry Jeffery
2015-11-12Relicence imv to GPLv2+Harry Jeffery
2015-11-11Remove out of date warning.Harry Jeffery
2015-11-10Add installation instructionsHarry Jeffery
2015-11-10Update READMEHarry Jeffery
2015-11-09Update READMEHarry Jeffery
2015-11-09Add animated gif support to features in READMEHarry Jeffery