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2019-08-18imv: Add -c option to specify commands to run at startupHarry Jeffery
2019-08-18imv: Add bind commandHarry Jeffery
2019-08-16imv: Add index/all argument to close commandHarry Jeffery
2019-08-15imv: Add imv_pid environment variableHarry Jeffery
2019-08-12Tweak documentationHarry Jeffery
2019-08-12imv-msg: Write manpageHarry Jeffery
2019-08-07Update man pagesHarry Jeffery
2019-05-10Add version flag with -v7415963987456321
2019-02-16Add customisable image resizing behaviourHarry Jeffery
2018-11-26Specify multiple binds on a single lineHarry Jeffery
2018-11-26Tweak scaling mode documentationHarry Jeffery
2018-11-26Merge pull request #131 from chocolateboy/document-scaling-mode-nextHarry Jeffery
2018-09-01Adapted documentation.Jeinzi
2018-07-15document the "next" scaling modechocolateboy
2018-05-08Update manpageHarry Jeffery
2017-12-19Fix out of date options in man pageHarry Jeffery
2017-12-02Add options for window width and heightHarry Jeffery
2017-11-30Add an open commandHarry Jeffery
2017-11-30Remove overlay font command line argHarry Jeffery
2017-11-30Make -u argument take an argumentHarry Jeffery
2017-11-30Merge a,s,S flags to -s <mode>Harry Jeffery
2017-11-30Fix typo in manualHarry Jeffery
2017-11-29Write docs with asciidocHarry Jeffery
2017-08-22Tweak wording in man pageHarry Jeffery
2017-03-06Add command 'X' to remove image from disk tooNicolas Cornu
2016-11-17Describe command "d" in manualDmitrij D. Czarkoff
2016-10-23Don't advertise hash sign usage with '-b' optionDmitrij D. Czarkoff
2016-04-02Add -x switch to exit imv when reaching end of file list.Hannes Koerber
2016-01-16Add third scaling mode: best fitDmitrij D. Czarkoff
2016-01-14Loading image data from standard inputDmitrij D. Czarkoff
2015-12-30Allow fractional slideshow timeoutDmitrij D. Czarkoff
2015-12-30Fix several issues with manualDmitrij D. Czarkoff
2015-12-29Rewrite manual page using mdoc(7) markup languageDmitrij D. Czarkoff
2015-12-25Document default font in manualDmitrij D. Czarkoff
2015-12-11Document default background colorHarry Jeffery
2015-12-10add -l option for listing all open images on exitAleksandra Kosiacka
2015-12-09Add -t synopsis to manpageHarry Jeffery
2015-12-09Add slideshow option.Hannes Koerber
2015-11-20Add support for -n PATH starting specifierHarry Jeffery
2015-11-19Use fontconfig to search for fontsHarry Jeffery
2015-11-19Don't recommend -i in documentationHarry Jeffery
2015-11-17Add an overlay option '-d'.Harry Jeffery
2015-11-14Add -u option for nearest neighbour resamplingHarry Jeffery
2015-11-14Add -b option to set backgroundHarry Jeffery
2015-11-13add -n to manpageMichal Koutensk√Ĺ
2015-11-12Relicence imv to GPLv2+Harry Jeffery
2015-11-12Print current image path to stdoutHarry Jeffery
2015-11-12Add GPL information for the FreeImage libraryHarry Jeffery
2015-11-11Update manpageHarry Jeffery
2015-11-11Move manpage into doc directoryHarry Jeffery