AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-17merge upstreamHEADmasterCem Keylan
2021-07-13Guo Chuang pointed out that lsattr won't build with headersRob Landley
2021-07-11Add options for reproducibility tests.Rob Landley
2021-07-10merge upstreamCem Keylan
2021-07-08Work around a posix violation in the croups filesystem that LTP requires.Rob Landley
2021-07-07Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/master'Cem Keylan
2021-07-05Add split -n test, handle more than one leftover byte, clarify help text.Rob Landley
2021-07-04Fix tail -F with no arguments.Rob Landley
2021-07-04Teach tail -F to work on file that doesn't initially exist (neededRob Landley
2021-07-04single.sh: remove bashisms, change shebang to shEthan Sommer
2021-07-04record-commands: change shebang to shEthan Sommer
2021-07-04portability.sh: remove bashismEthan Sommer
2021-07-04mcm-buildall.sh: remove bashisms, change shebang to shEthan Sommer
2021-07-04make.sh: remove bashisms, change shebang to shEthan Sommer
2021-07-04install.sh: remove bashisms, change shebang to shEthan Sommer
2021-07-04genconfig.sh: remove bashisms, change shebang to shEthan Sommer
2021-07-04findglobals.sh: change shebang to shEthan Sommer
2021-07-04change.sh: remove bashisms, change shebang to shEthan Sommer
2021-07-04bloatcheck: remove bashism, change shebang to shEthan Sommer
2021-07-04configure: remove bashism, change shebang to shEthan Sommer
2021-07-01tail: implement -F (and its companion -s).Elliott Hughes
2021-06-27Add support for -n in splitElla-0
2021-06-22Add support for -d $'\n' (cut by line!) and posix -nb (wraps to start of -c)Rob Landley
2021-06-22Denys Vlasenko pointed out that other implementations use "t" as "total",Rob Landley
2021-06-22Update usage: line to include remaining options.Rob Landley
2021-06-21Switch to FLAG() macros and forbid -f -F at the same time.Rob Landley
2021-06-18Second attempt at making --help work with alias ls="ls --color"Rob Landley
2021-06-17Avoid division by 0 error and mmap(0) failure for missing or zero length files.Rob Landley
2021-06-12Check in the .htaccess file that triggers the server side includesRob Landley
2021-06-10Revert the --help change, it breaks stuff like "echo -- --help".Rob Landley
2021-06-09Ryan Prichard pointed out --help and --version can't be first in aliases.Rob Landley
2021-06-09md5sum.c: simplify the table setup slightly.Elliott Hughes
2021-06-09netstat.c: fix bounds checks.Elliott Hughes
2021-06-09dmesg.c: fix off-by-one.Elliott Hughes
2021-06-04"make install_airlock" no longer needs host versions of sha256/512sum.Rob Landley
2021-06-04modprobe: fix parsing of short lines.Elliott Hughes
2021-06-04More sha*sum cleanup.Rob Landley
2021-06-02Remove unbalanced parentheses and repeated transition.Rob Landley
2021-06-02Fix big endian in new sha2 commands.Rob Landley
2021-06-02Cleanup.Rob Landley
2021-06-02Fix "make tests" exiting on failure when test run in subshell.Rob Landley
2021-06-02date: add -s.Elliott Hughes
2021-06-02Add tests for other sha2 variants.Rob Landley
2021-06-01Merge sha1sum and sha256sum tests.Rob Landley
2021-06-01Clear environment variables between tests.Rob Landley
2021-06-01Add sha256sum tests.Rob Landley
2021-06-01fix USE declarationsDan Brown
2021-06-01clean up unsuccessful attempt to calculate constantsDan Brown
2021-06-01attempt to calculate round constants instead of using lookup table; doesn't w...Dan Brown
2021-06-01first rough version of built-in hash sumsDan Brown