AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-29Release Landley
2019-05-29Teach find -printf about %.Ns patterns, tweak help text, add tests.Rob Landley
2019-05-28Workaround for mkshRob Landley
2019-05-26Teach sed about +N range ending.Rob Landley
2019-05-25find: add -printf support.Elliott Hughes
2019-05-25grep: add --exclude-dir.Elliott Hughes
2019-05-25time: fix -v output.Elliott Hughes
2019-05-25Move notify.c into portability.c (collate the #ifdefs), move global variablesRob Landley
2019-05-25tail: support -f on BSD too.Elliott Hughes
2019-05-25Toybox doesn't provide bzip2 or xz compression side (and the roadmap has it asRob Landley
2019-05-23tar: turns out --sparse is also known as -S.Elliott Hughes
2019-05-23macos_miniconfig: remove pending tr and add non-pending toys.Elliott Hughes
2019-05-20Less incomplete tar help text.Rob Landley
2019-05-19Fix tar sparse extract with extension blocks.Rob Landley
2019-05-19Fix tar --sparse generation of extension block.Rob Landley
2019-05-19More tar tests.Rob Landley
2019-05-19Don't complain about short writes to stdout.Rob Landley
2019-05-19Add pointless trailing --sparse entry for exact binary compartibility.Rob Landley
2019-05-19Add --sparse file creation support to tar.Rob Landley
2019-05-18Fix a dead link, add link to OpenBSD suggested template license,Rob Landley
2019-05-17Fix a missing else, and an inverted test hidden by the missing else.Rob Landley
2019-05-16Have ps.c human_readable fields use all the available space.Rob Landley
2019-05-16Use the space reserved in the header to display more precision.Rob Landley
2019-05-16Add human_readable_long() for more than 3 digits of output.Rob Landley
2019-05-16Minor code shrink.Rob Landley
2019-05-14Checked in a debugging printf. Oops.Rob Landley
2019-05-14Typo caused a segfault. (Oops.)Rob Landley
2019-05-13Use FLAG() macros in lsRob Landley
2019-05-13Comment tweak.Rob Landley
2019-05-13Fix a couple error paths that don't continue archive create/extract properly.Rob Landley
2019-05-12Add VERBOSE=nopass to not show successful tests.Rob Landley
2019-05-12Disable lsattr from "make tests" because behavior differs with filesystem.Rob Landley
2019-05-12Fix readlink0() to blank string on failure.Rob Landley
2019-05-11Teach tar to extract type 'S' sparse file headers.Rob Landley
2019-05-10Walk -M /dir:/dir0:/dirN in man.makepost
2019-05-06Some "echo" variants default to -e, use printf "%s\n" to avoid that.Rob Landley
2019-05-06Greatly simplify and speed up regexec0() using REG_STARTEND.Rob Landley
2019-05-06Round allocation up to page size so s/x/yy/g thrashes less.Rob Landley
2019-05-04Optimize regexec0() for long lines.Rob Landley
2019-05-04Optimize s//g to avoid fresh strdup/free of entire line for each match.Rob Landley
2019-05-03Add a couple comments.Rob Landley
2019-05-03env: fix case where a variable is replaced.Elliott Hughes
2019-05-02Android moved the scheduler policy functions in Q.Elliott Hughes
2019-05-01man: support MANPATH.Elliott Hughes
2019-05-01tar: use same tools for decompression as for compression.Elliott Hughes
2019-04-30Make echo -E switch off -e.Rob Landley
2019-04-30echo: add -E.Elliott Hughes
2019-04-29Search name and first line with man -k regex.makepost
2019-04-26gzip: fix permissions perservation despite umask.Elliott Hughes
2019-04-26Add -M and switch test suite to use it (so test doesn't need to run as root).Rob Landley