AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-26Read .gz/.xz man pages and check sections in "man man" order.Rob Landley
2019-04-26gzip: fix regressions caused by 7964e1f78b58d9c365361cc36b0422d9d56cd204.Elliott Hughes
2019-04-26more: better behavior with directories.Elliott Hughes
2019-04-26file: improve test coverage.Elliott Hughes
2019-04-26file: add test ELF binaries.Elliott Hughes
2019-04-26file: fix ELF note parsing.Elliott Hughes
2019-04-23Remove librt, which is pulling in libpthread.Rob Landley
2019-04-22struct deflate no longer lives in TT so must be explicitly zeroed, and useRob Landley
2019-04-22More TEST_HOST -> toyonlyRob Landley
2019-04-22Switch some SKIP_HOST tests to toyonly. (The host could be toybox.)Rob Landley
2019-04-22vi.c changes to vi cmd executionJarno Mäkipää
2019-04-22And same flip in the airlock install.Rob Landley
2019-04-22Ahem: _decompression_ is ready, compression isn't yet. Change defconfig y/n.Rob Landley
2019-04-21Remove some commands from airlock install PENDING that are now in defconfig.Rob Landley
2019-04-21Promote gzip/zcat but keep gunzip default n until lib/deflate.c finished.Rob Landley
2019-04-21A little more cleanup on gzip.Rob Landley
2019-04-21Promote tar.Rob Landley
2019-04-21Forgot to check in the toys.envc declaration.Rob Landley
2019-04-21Shouldn't need clearenv() for macosx now we've got xclearenv.Rob Landley
2019-04-21Switch --to-command to use xsetenv() and fix a typo with -JRob Landley
2019-04-21man: WhitespaceRob Landley
2019-04-20Implement man.makepost@firemail.cc
2019-04-20Add xunsetenv() for the error checking.Rob Landley
2019-04-20New xsetenv() plumbing (repeatedly set same environment variables withoutRob Landley
2019-04-18Remove a line that's already in toys.h.Rob Landley
2019-04-18Why time based releases? (About the first half of it, anyway.)Rob Landley
2019-04-18Given dreamhost's tendency to repeatedly delete the mailing listRob Landley
2019-04-18Add -J support for xzRob Landley
2019-04-18Ignore --line-buffered argument for script compatibility (it's the default).Rob Landley
2019-04-16Call setlinebuf(stdout) from singleinit, so automatic flush each \n of output.Rob Landley
2019-04-16Add argument to xflush() so it can test for stdout err without flushing.Rob Landley
2019-04-12Make help text spacing consistent.Rob Landley
2019-04-11scan_key: support more terminals.Elliott Hughes
2019-04-05Restore symlink times and add --restrictRob Landley
2019-04-05Minor tweaks and fix a bug with "tar cvzf tar.tgz" autodetecting when specified.Rob Landley
2019-04-05tar: Fix -ORob Landley
2019-04-05tar cleanup: Hook up --exclude to filter plumbingRob Landley
2019-04-04Add "toyonly" function to test suite.Rob Landley
2019-04-04Add decompressed version.Rob Landley
2019-04-04Tweak stat.Rob Landley
2019-04-04stat: avoid null dereference.liwugang
2019-04-03More tar tests, and fix tar to pass them.Rob Landley
2019-04-03VI rewrote char delete and hjkl movementsJarno Mäkipää
2019-04-03Autodetect gzip and bz2 for both compression and decompression.Rob Landley
2019-04-02Don't leak stdout pipe filehandle into children.Rob Landley
2019-04-02Yeah, ok, that one can get used uninitialized.Rob Landley
2019-04-02More tar cleanup, more tests.Rob Landley
2019-04-02Have xflush() only flush stdout (that's all it checks errors on),Rob Landley
2019-04-02Fix a test that wasn't deterministic.Rob Landley
2019-04-02Don't emit random -EPIPE error messages in a pipeline, just exit silently.Rob Landley