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2019-05-29Release Landley
2019-05-29Teach find -printf about %.Ns patterns, tweak help text, add tests.Rob Landley
2019-05-28Workaround for mkshRob Landley
(which doesn't handle "VAR=blah thingy" right if thingy is a function, the variable winds up staying set after the function returns.)
2019-05-26Teach sed about +N range ending.Rob Landley
2019-05-25find: add -printf support.Elliott Hughes
This only implements the format specifiers that I've seen used in the wild (which is actually a significant fraction of the total supported by findutils' find). The most obvious gap is in the time support. I'm happy to add more, but didn't want to add stuff "just because". I'd say %A@, %C@, and -- for SELinux users -- %Z are probably the most plausibly useful formats still missing. I don't think the human-readable date formatting is particularly useful unless someone's seen it actually used in the wild. The %T+ "full ISO" format being the most likely exception to that. Anyway, this is enough for me get started building AOSP with toybox find.
2019-05-25grep: add --exclude-dir.Elliott Hughes
Used quite a lot, especially with `--exclude-dir=.git`.
2019-05-25time: fix -v output.Elliott Hughes
Copy-and-paste mistake from the regular output. Bug: http://b/133502489
2019-05-25Move notify.c into portability.c (collate the #ifdefs), move global variablesRob Landley
into a structure passed as arguments, add x prefix to functions that can fail, add overflow test.
2019-05-25tail: support -f on BSD too.Elliott Hughes
Factor out the inotify code and add a kqueue equivalent. Specifically tested on macOS 10.14, but I assume this works for other BSDs too, given that I worked from the FreeBSD man page...
2019-05-25Toybox doesn't provide bzip2 or xz compression side (and the roadmap has it asRob Landley
out of scope), but the AOSP build airlock doesn't provide bzcat and friends. So tar needs to be able to use both: check for *zcat first, and fall back to "compressor -d" if it's not there.
2019-05-23tar: turns out --sparse is also known as -S.Elliott Hughes
Found trying to build the aosp_cf_x86_phone-userdebug target. The good news is that the targets that I knew were using tar with sparse files all pass now.
2019-05-23macos_miniconfig: remove pending tr and add non-pending toys.Elliott Hughes
Aside: I was surprised that `make defconfig` installs the default *Linux* config even on macOS.
2019-05-20Less incomplete tar help text.Rob Landley
2019-05-19Fix tar sparse extract with extension blocks.Rob Landley
2019-05-19Fix tar --sparse generation of extension block.Rob Landley
2019-05-19More tar tests.Rob Landley
2019-05-19Don't complain about short writes to stdout.Rob Landley
2019-05-19Add pointless trailing --sparse entry for exact binary compartibility.Rob Landley
There's no possible use for this, but debian's tar produces it, so...
2019-05-19Add --sparse file creation support to tar.Rob Landley
And fix tar cv to produce output to stderr when archive going to stdout.
2019-05-18Fix a dead link, add link to OpenBSD suggested template license,Rob Landley
and record Kirk McKusick's email for posterity. (I posted it to the mailing list when it happened, but this is more obvious...)
2019-05-17Fix a missing else, and an inverted test hidden by the missing else.Rob Landley
Add test to show failure case.
2019-05-16Have ps.c human_readable fields use all the available space.Rob Landley
2019-05-16Use the space reserved in the header to display more precision.Rob Landley
2019-05-16Add human_readable_long() for more than 3 digits of output.Rob Landley
2019-05-16Minor code shrink.Rob Landley
2019-05-14Checked in a debugging printf. Oops.Rob Landley
2019-05-14Typo caused a segfault. (Oops.)Rob Landley
2019-05-13Use FLAG() macros in lsRob Landley
2019-05-13Comment tweak.Rob Landley
2019-05-13Fix a couple error paths that don't continue archive create/extract properly.Rob Landley
2019-05-12Add VERBOSE=nopass to not show successful tests.Rob Landley
2019-05-12Disable lsattr from "make tests" because behavior differs with filesystem.Rob Landley
Also, debian's lsattr is producing longer output lines with new fields, possibly an ioctl switch from FS_IOC_GETFLAGS -> FS_IOC_FSGETXATTR? Anyway, todo items here...
2019-05-12Fix readlink0() to blank string on failure.Rob Landley
2019-05-11Teach tar to extract type 'S' sparse file headers.Rob Landley
2019-05-10Walk -M /dir:/dir0:/dirN in man.makepost
Iterate over MANPATH and ordered sections using a manpath() helper equivalent of indenting logic of man x, man 1 x, and man -k each with a strsep loop.
2019-05-06Some "echo" variants default to -e, use printf "%s\n" to avoid that.Rob Landley
2019-05-06Greatly simplify and speed up regexec0() using REG_STARTEND.Rob Landley
This is a 15 year old freebsd extension (presumably thus also available on MacOS) that glibc adopted in 2004, uClibc adopted in 2005, and bionic supports. The only thing that DOESN'T support it is musl, once again because its maintainer explicitly decided not to (https://www.openwall.com/lists/musl/2013/01/15/26), so add an #ifdef to let musl stay uniquely broken. (It'll stop at first NUL, everything else can match NULs). Finally fixes "s/x/y/g on a megabyte line of x's takes forever" issue.
2019-05-06Round allocation up to page size so s/x/yy/g thrashes less.Rob Landley
And remove a "nine princes in amber" themed name I missed.
2019-05-04Optimize regexec0() for long lines.Rob Landley
Don't strlen() to find NUL to skip to until after we've confirmed first section hasn't got a match (by calling regexec() on it).
2019-05-04Optimize s//g to avoid fresh strdup/free of entire line for each match.Rob Landley
Instead have one target string and fill it out from start to finish writing to each location once.
2019-05-03Add a couple comments.Rob Landley
2019-05-03env: fix case where a variable is replaced.Elliott Hughes
Found when trying to update the toybox prebuilt used for the Android build. Also add the corresponding test.
2019-05-02Android moved the scheduler policy functions in Q.Elliott Hughes
They're forwarded to libprocessgroup, but we may as well go straight to the source since neither library is in the NDK anyway. This code is unfortunate because it means that even `toybox true` ends up pulling in a JSON parser at runtime, because ps might call get_sched_policy/get_sched_policy_name. I'll experiment with dlopen-on-demand in portability.c and see whether the savings are worthwhile, but for now at least use the current library directly so we can save *one* dlopen!
2019-05-01man: support MANPATH.Elliott Hughes
(This and `git clone` is how I use the latest man7.org pages all the time instead of my system's man pages.)
2019-05-01tar: use same tools for decompression as for compression.Elliott Hughes
This is what GNU tar does, so Android's build system jail allows bzip2, gzip, and xz, but not bzcat, zcat, and xzcat. Why the function? Because auto-detection works by setting toyflags, so we need to make sure we test the flags late, so it's either two copies of this or a function.
2019-04-30Make echo -E switch off -e.Rob Landley
2019-04-30echo: add -E.Elliott Hughes
POSIX finally gave us a way to use echo in a portable way despite differences of opinion about whether to default interpretation of escape sequences to on or off: -e enables and -E disables (as already implemented by busybox and coreutils). http://austingroupbugs.net/view.php?id=1222
2019-04-29Search name and first line with man -k regex.makepost
Exec -k value as regex on basename, and on the first content line outside a tag or on a referenced see-other, whichever appears earlier. Reuse zcat choice as a function when looping over files. Fix \-\- and glob.h include leftover. Handle man-pages example newlines. Clarify the todos, naming package and issue. Remaining items are more of a wishlist than a plan. Remove `<1>2` because it doesn't let `-k .` work, please look into that.
2019-04-26gzip: fix permissions perservation despite umask.Elliott Hughes
2019-04-26Add -M and switch test suite to use it (so test doesn't need to run as root).Rob Landley