AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-18Release Landley
2019-10-17ls: Ensure file names are separated by 2 spacesAndrew Ilijic
2019-10-16Fix NOSPACE tests.Rob Landley
2019-10-16Simple ps smoketest.Rob Landley
2019-10-15In-passing cleanup and add a NOP -P.Rob Landley
2019-10-15Off by one error when you try to run a command through two symlinks.Rob Landley
2019-10-14Make cmp work with 1 argument (implicit - as second argument).Rob Landley
2019-10-14Freshen up first half of roadmap.Rob Landley
2019-10-14losetup: Fix null-termination of src string instead of dest after copyAlessio Balsini
2019-10-12Make cmp.test pass with TEST_HOST on systems that gratuitously violate posix.Rob Landley
2019-10-12Sigh, second attempt at removing strlen() from strstart().Rob Landley
2019-10-12Don't need the second variable, and put the comment back.Rob Landley
2019-10-12Fix argless find segfault.Denys Nykula
2019-10-12hostname: fix error reporting.Elliott Hughes
2019-10-11Fix same spurious test failures that were affecting killall,Rob Landley
2019-10-11Tweak clean to delete "scripts/cross.sh all" logs.Rob Landley
2019-10-10The __ANDROID_NDK__ symbol is missing from ndk-r20 but Dan Albert pointedRob Landley
2019-10-09Don't strlen() potentially long target string each call to strstart().Rob Landley
2019-10-09xargs: various fixes.Elliott Hughes
2019-10-09ls: fix seqfault on broken localeJarno Mäkipää
2019-10-09vi: fixesJarno Mäkipää
2019-10-08Add dnsdomainname, fix "hostname -d" segfault on machine with no domain name,Rob Landley
2019-10-08Add arch command.Rob Landley
2019-10-08Disable conflicting internal symbol "ARCH".Rob Landley
2019-10-07Add example to help text.Rob Landley
2019-10-07Better comments and help text.Rob Landley
2019-10-04vi: Scroll unmodified lines using escape codesJarno Mäkipää
2019-10-04ln.c: add -t to synopsis.Elliott Hughes
2019-10-04readlink: add missing line, plus a test.Elliott Hughes
2019-10-04file.c: add -s to synopsis and fix case consistency.Elliott Hughes
2019-10-04Fix extracting old tarballs, not just -tv of them.Rob Landley
2019-10-03Oops, part of the old tar support fix is in lib, check that in too.Rob Landley
2019-10-03Let "llvm-cross" be an acceptable cross compiler directory name.Rob Landley
2019-10-03Improve support for extracting older tarball formats.Rob Landley
2019-10-02readlink: support multiple arguments.Elliott Hughes
2019-10-02tar.test: work around SELinux messing with st_blocks.Elliott Hughes
2019-10-01Add rmdir --ignore-fail-on-non-emptyEthan Sommer
2019-09-30Test ln -tRob Landley
2019-09-30Add ln -tEthan Sommer
2019-09-26Max 2 arguments with -TRob Landley
2019-09-26hexedit: fix scrolling on legacy terminalsJarno Mäkipää
2019-09-25Add ln -TRob Landley
2019-09-25Use FLAG macrosRob Landley
2019-09-23noop gzip -n.Denys Nykula
2019-09-23Call ftpget from wgetDenys Nykula
2019-09-23Fix ftpget downloadDenys Nykula
2019-09-22Avoid spurious test failures when fork() coincides with signal being sent,Rob Landley
2019-09-22vi: Added yankJarno Mäkipää
2019-09-20rm.c: use FLAG().Elliott Hughes
2019-09-20ASAN=1 implies NOSTRIP=1, and don't say strip failed for NOSTRIP.Rob Landley