AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-190.8.5 release0.8.5Rob Landley
2021-05-18The linux console code is inconsistent: most console= lines acceptRob Landley
2021-05-16Add black and white mode (x to toggle)Rob Landley
2021-05-15Promote readelf to other.Rob Landley
2021-05-15Cleanup readelf.Rob Landley
2021-05-15modprobe: don't stop on empty lines.Elliott Hughes
2021-05-15Missed a couple in the wchar_t -> unsigned conversion.Rob Landley
2021-05-15Convert utf8towc from wchar_t to unsigned (to match wctoutf8).Rob Landley
2021-05-15Clear errno in loop.Rob Landley
2021-05-15Promote unicode (merge into ascii.c)Rob Landley
2021-05-15Style cleanup.Rob Landley
2021-05-15The (insane) unicode consortium arbitrarily limited the codepoint spaceRob Landley
2021-05-14Update READMEpeterennis
2021-05-11Add $BASHPID to show current process in () and such. ($$ is top level shell)Rob Landley
2021-05-10Tighten up echo help text.Rob Landley
2021-05-06Fix nohang wait.Rob Landley
2021-05-02More job control plumbing.Rob Landley
2021-05-02Add OpenBSD supportElla-0
2021-05-01telnet: just use dprintf() for IAC sequences.Elliott Hughes
2021-04-30Make && and || work on function calls.Rob Landley
2021-04-28Toysh don't free function arguments before function returns.Rob Landley
2021-04-27Make toysh function return properly and run next statement.Rob Landley
2021-04-27Make toysh actually run a shell function.Rob Landley
2021-04-27Use cheaper test that works with "toybox" name as a prefix.Rob Landley
2021-04-27More line buffering.Elliott Hughes
2021-04-27Don't send reverse DNS lookups out into the world for something that'sRob Landley
2021-04-26More toysh function work.Rob Landley
2021-04-26Bugfix: sed s command couldn't skip initial match.Rob Landley
2021-04-25First pass at toysh function() definition plumbing.Rob Landley
2021-04-24telnet: various fixes.Elliott Hughes
2021-04-24telnetd: handle TIME_WAIT better.Elliott Hughes
2021-04-24telnetd: pass `-h hostname` to login(1).Elliott Hughes
2021-04-23cpio: Don't lchown() if -t is specifiedYi-Yo Chiang via Toybox
2021-04-20Test doesn't need the < /dev/null and input being a pipe doesn't makeRob Landley
2021-04-20hexedit: various improvements.Elliott Hughes
2021-04-20setsid(1): call setsid(2) before setpgrp(2).Elliott Hughes
2021-04-17Teach cpio to skip runs of NUL bytes between records.Rob Landley
2021-04-16cpio: continue past TRAILER!!! (like kernel does) but error on empty archive.Rob Landley
2021-04-14Fix $IFS: skip trailing whitespace after first non-whitespace separator.Rob Landley
2021-04-12readelf: Display properly in 80 columns, don't reject .bss off end of file.Rob Landley
2021-04-11toysh: save _resolved_ variable contents in $IFS cache.Rob Landley
2021-04-10Fix more toysh tests.Rob Landley
2021-04-10Fix next couple of sh tests.Rob Landley
2021-04-08Fix typo in the xexec tweak.Rob Landley
2021-04-07Add cp -uRob Landley
2021-04-05Any / in string makes it a path, not just absolute path.Rob Landley
2021-04-03Fix the next test.Rob Landley
2021-04-03Add a missing pop_block().Rob Landley
2021-04-01TypoRob Landley
2021-03-31Toysh: adding function logic screwed up pipe/block logic. Fix it.Rob Landley