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2021-12-03config.def: gzip -> pigzHEADmasterCem Keylan
2021-08-14updateCem Keylan
2021-08-14update defaultsCem Keylan
2021-07-23update defaultsCem Keylan
2020-09-24config.def: remove libressl, add bearssl, ca-certificatesCem Keylan
2020-09-10docs: updateCem Keylan
2020-09-10config.def: remove bearssl,ca-certificates add libressl,gitCem Keylan
2020-07-26remove kiss from default configurationCem Keylan
2020-06-17config: add ca-certificatesCem Keylan
2020-06-17config: merge config.i686 and update package listCem Keylan
2020-05-29config.def: remove git from packages and use rsync repositoryCem Keylan
2020-05-18config: set default MNTDIR to the current working directoryCem Keylan
2020-04-30mkrootfs: add back rsyncCem Keylan
2020-04-25drop rsyncCem Keylan
2020-04-06remove perl, libelf, mandoc from baseCem Keylan
2020-04-06change default repository pathCem Keylan
2019-12-10initial commitCem Keylan