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35 hoursupdate configure scriptHEAD1.4.2masterCem Keylan
37 hoursadd option to disable netcatCem Keylan
47 hoursfix makefileCem Keylan
47 hoursadd configure scriptCem Keylan
9 daysgrep: port to otoolsCem Keylan
9 daysed: .gitignore and Makefile fixesCem Keylan
9 dayspax: link to tar and cpio as wellCem Keylan
9 daysed: port to otoolsCem Keylan
9 daysfix makefileCem Keylan
2021-03-13add configuration for fts, handle if it is available on system1.3.1Cem Keylan
2021-01-02lib/libcrypto/sha: remove unnecessary filesCem Keylan
2020-10-16Makefile: fix permissions of doas1.0Cem Keylan
2020-10-16initial commitCem Keylan