AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysnodejs: bump to 18.10.0HEADmasterCem Keylan
4 dayslinks: bump to 2.28Cem Keylan
4 daysxz: bump to 5.2.7Cem Keylan
6 dayslibva: bump to 2.16.0Cem Keylan
6 daysgodot: bump to 3.5.1Cem Keylan
6 dayssqlite: bump to 3.39.4Cem Keylan
6 dayslinux-headers: bump to 5.19.12Cem Keylan
6 daysgnutls: bump to 3.7.8Cem Keylan
6 dayshugo: bump to 0.104.2Cem Keylan
6 daysfzf: bump to 0.34.0Cem Keylan
9 daysbash: lintCem Keylan
9 daysopusfile: add new package at 0.12Cem Keylan
9 daysreadline: lintCem Keylan
9 daysreadline: bump to 8.2Cem Keylan
9 dayslibXxf86vm: bump to 1.1.5Cem Keylan
9 dayshugo: bump to 0.104.1Cem Keylan
9 dayslibXtst: bump to 1.2.4Cem Keylan
9 daysdbus: bump to 1.14.2Cem Keylan
9 daysbmake: bump to 20220924Cem Keylan
9 daysbash: bump to 5.2Cem Keylan
9 dayswebkit2gtk: bump to 2.38.0Cem Keylan
10 daysnodejs: bump to 18.9.1Cem Keylan
10 daysxapian: bump to 1.4.21Cem Keylan
10 daystzdata: bump to 2022dCem Keylan
10 daysimagemagick: bump to 7.1.0-49Cem Keylan
10 dayslinux-headers: bump to 5.19.11Cem Keylan
10 dayslibnghttp2: bump to 1.50.0Cem Keylan
10 dayslibnghttp2: move to extraCem Keylan
10 dayslibcap: bump to 2.66Cem Keylan
10 dayshugo: bump to 0.104.0Cem Keylan
10 dayschezmoi: bump to 2.24.0Cem Keylan
10 daysflac: bump to 1.4.1Cem Keylan
10 daysffmpeg: bump to 5.1.2Cem Keylan
10 daysfcft: bump to 3.1.5Cem Keylan
10 daysexpat: bump to 2.4.9Cem Keylan
10 daysgodot: add new package at 3.5Cem Keylan
2022-09-20linux-headers: bump to 5.19.10Cem Keylan
2022-09-20libffi: bump to 3.4.3Cem Keylan
2022-09-19libnl-tiny: update to the latest commitCem Keylan
2022-09-19pango: bump to 1.50.10Cem Keylan
2022-09-19hugo: bump to 0.103.1Cem Keylan
2022-09-19libksba: bump to 1.6.1Cem Keylan
2022-09-19harfbuzz-icu: bump to 5.2.0Cem Keylan
2022-09-19freetype-harfbuzz: bump to 2.12.1+5.2.0Cem Keylan
2022-09-19gtk4: bump to 4.8.1Cem Keylan
2022-09-19gsettings-desktop-schemas: bump to 43.0Cem Keylan
2022-09-19gobject-introspection: bump to 1.74.0Cem Keylan
2022-09-19glib-networking: bump to 2.74.0Cem Keylan
2022-09-19glib: bump to 2.74.0Cem Keylan
2022-09-19pcre2: add new package at 10.40Cem Keylan