AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 daysmodify manual pages to match settings, and rewrite in mdocmainCem Keylan
10 dayspermission_request: be more verbose about requestsCem Keylan
2021-05-18lariza: use persistent cookiesCem Keylan
2021-05-17lariza: handle permission requestsCem Keylan
2021-05-17lariza: change keybindingsCem Keylan
2021-05-17add search engine supportCem Keylan
2021-01-22Release v21.01Peter Hofmann
2021-01-22LICENSE: Bump yearsPeter Hofmann
2021-01-03Bump dates in manpagesPeter Hofmann
2021-01-03"" has been renamed to "adblock"Peter Hofmann
2020-08-29Release v20.08Peter Hofmann
2020-08-22Focus c->web_view on new tabsPeter Hofmann
2020-08-16Fix opening links in new tabs (partially)Peter Hofmann
2020-07-19Release v20.07Peter Hofmann
2020-07-09Fix build with non-GNU sed, lint variablesPeter Hofmann
2020-05-15Release v20.05Peter Hofmann
2020-05-04CHANGES: Link blog post about sandboxingPeter Hofmann
2020-05-03Manpage: Don't be too specific about TLS backendPeter Hofmann
2020-05-02Allow webkit:// in URLsPeter Hofmann
2020-05-02Enable WebKit sandboxing (and tidy up a bit)Peter Hofmann
2020-05-02Manpages: Refine paragraph about WebKitGTK cachesPeter Hofmann
2020-05-01we_adblock: No need for static here, eitherPeter Hofmann
2020-04-30CHANGES: Link second blog postPeter Hofmann
2020-04-30PATCHES: Link GitHub forksPeter Hofmann
2020-04-30Update main window title againPeter Hofmann
2020-04-29PATCHES: No longer on Github, there are no PRs anymorePeter Hofmann
2020-04-29PATCHES: Remove dead forkPeter Hofmann
2020-04-29Remove external URI handlerPeter Hofmann
2020-04-29Scroll tabs using mouse wheelPeter Hofmann
2020-04-28Update CHANGESPeter Hofmann
2020-04-28Update READMEPeter Hofmann
2020-04-28Remove keyword searchesPeter Hofmann
2020-04-28End the static madnessPeter Hofmann
2020-04-27Stop changing window title, use tooltip insteadPeter Hofmann
2020-04-27remote_msg should focus new tabsPeter Hofmann
2020-04-27Only focus new tabs on startup and on hotkeyPeter Hofmann
2020-04-27Reset favicon if not presentPeter Hofmann
2020-04-27Add TODO itemPeter Hofmann
2020-04-27favicon: Initial size should be close to target sizePeter Hofmann
2020-04-27Always scale faviconsPeter Hofmann
2020-04-27More space around faviconPeter Hofmann
2020-04-27Scale faviconsPeter Hofmann
2020-04-27Display favicons (not resized)Peter Hofmann
2020-04-25Make tab width customizablePeter Hofmann
2020-04-25Make tab position customizablePeter Hofmann
2020-04-24Add hotkeys for switching tabsPeter Hofmann
2020-04-24Use GtkNotebook (basic implementation)Peter Hofmann
2020-04-24Remove support for tabbedPeter Hofmann
2020-04-22Release v20.04Peter Hofmann
2020-04-17lariza.usage.1: Fix erroneous dots and wrappingPeter Hofmann