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-Personal KISS repository
-This is my personal KISS repository,
-I made it so anyone can install my
-builds of st,dwm,dmenu (or my small programs)
-on Carbs Linux and KISS Linux
-Add to your KISS Path
-In order to install packages in this repository,
-you need to clone it and add it to your repository
-path. It can be accomplished with,
- # Clone the repository
- -> git clone git://git.ckyln.com/kiss-repository /var/db/kiss/cem-repo
- # Now edit your /etc/profile.d/kiss_path.sh file
- # Add the path to the beginning if you want to
- # Adding to the beginning makes sure that if there
- # is the same package from another repository, it prioritizes
- # my package
- export KISS_PATH=/var/db/kiss/cem-repo/cem:/var/db/kiss/repo........
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+Personal Repository
+This is my personal repository, I try to keep anything outside of Carbs Linux
+repositories here, under a git-submodule. These can be used in KISS Linux as
+well, but my only focus is [cpt]. If you are having any issues, feel free to
+[send a mail].
+[cpt]: https://git.sr.ht/~carbslinux/cpt
+[send a mail]: mailto:~cemkeylan/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht