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rename to cpt-extra
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-rwxr-xr-xrepo/git/cpt-bump (renamed from repo/git/kiss-bump)0
-rwxr-xr-xrepo/git/cpt-commit (renamed from repo/git/kiss-commit)0
-rwxr-xr-xrepo/git/cpt-maintainer (renamed from repo/git/kiss-maintainer)0
-rwxr-xr-xrepo/git/cpt-rel (renamed from repo/git/kiss-rel)0
-rwxr-xr-xrepo/git/cpt-update (renamed from repo/git/kiss-update)0
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@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
-This is a repository for kiss utilities that do not belong with
+This is a repository for cpt utilities that do not belong with
the rest of the utilities. These are non-essential scripts that
someone could make use of in their scripts. Some of them can be
used for repository management, so I think maintainers could be
@@ -11,17 +11,17 @@ interested in a variety of utilities here.
-Those scripts currently only depend on kiss (and dependencies of
+Those scripts currently only depend on cpt (and dependencies of
You can install by doing
- find . -type f -name 'kiss-*' | while read -r script; do
+ find . -type f -name 'cpt-*' | while read -r script; do
install -Dm755 "$script" "/usr/local/bin/${script##*/}"
-Or install the `kiss-extra` package on Carbs Linux.
+Or install the `cpt-extra` package on Carbs Linux.
Repository structure
diff --git a/alt/kiss-exec b/alt/cpt-exec
index d2b3217..d2b3217 100755
--- a/alt/kiss-exec
+++ b/alt/cpt-exec
diff --git a/alt/kiss-getchoice b/alt/cpt-getchoice
index 75521b4..75521b4 100755
--- a/alt/kiss-getchoice
+++ b/alt/cpt-getchoice
diff --git a/other/kiss-changelog b/other/cpt-changelog
index ed323d8..ed323d8 100755
--- a/other/kiss-changelog
+++ b/other/cpt-changelog
diff --git a/other/kiss-orphans b/other/cpt-orphans
index fd8b9d1..fd8b9d1 100755
--- a/other/kiss-orphans
+++ b/other/cpt-orphans
diff --git a/repo/kiss-cargo-urlgen b/repo/cpt-cargo-urlgen
index 2105329..2105329 100755
--- a/repo/kiss-cargo-urlgen
+++ b/repo/cpt-cargo-urlgen
diff --git a/repo/kiss-cargolock-urlgen b/repo/cpt-cargolock-urlgen
index 7d78a6a..7d78a6a 100755
--- a/repo/kiss-cargolock-urlgen
+++ b/repo/cpt-cargolock-urlgen
diff --git a/repo/kiss-reporevdepends b/repo/cpt-reporevdepends
index 59262f0..59262f0 100755
--- a/repo/kiss-reporevdepends
+++ b/repo/cpt-reporevdepends
diff --git a/repo/git/kiss-add b/repo/git/cpt-add
index b707555..b707555 100755
--- a/repo/git/kiss-add
+++ b/repo/git/cpt-add
diff --git a/repo/git/kiss-bump b/repo/git/cpt-bump
index e4b758f..e4b758f 100755
--- a/repo/git/kiss-bump
+++ b/repo/git/cpt-bump
diff --git a/repo/git/kiss-commit b/repo/git/cpt-commit
index ae0315a..ae0315a 100755
--- a/repo/git/kiss-commit
+++ b/repo/git/cpt-commit
diff --git a/repo/git/kiss-maintainer b/repo/git/cpt-maintainer
index 629a893..629a893 100755
--- a/repo/git/kiss-maintainer
+++ b/repo/git/cpt-maintainer
diff --git a/repo/git/kiss-rel b/repo/git/cpt-rel
index 3c50757..3c50757 100755
--- a/repo/git/kiss-rel
+++ b/repo/git/cpt-rel
diff --git a/repo/git/kiss-update b/repo/git/cpt-update
index 13f4793..13f4793 100755
--- a/repo/git/kiss-update
+++ b/repo/git/cpt-update