AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-04-17CHANGELOG: updatefeature/cpt-list-version-checkmerakor
2023-04-17cpt-list.1: update manual page according to the new operation changesmerakor
2023-04-17cpt-list: update synopsismerakor
2023-04-17cpt-list: exit if less than two arguments are givenmerakor
2023-04-17cpt-list: add operation to check package versionmerakor
2023-04-17Create new branch named "feature/cpt-list-version-check"merakor
2023-02-05cpt-size: add option to display only the total size of each given packageHEADmastermerakor
2023-02-05www: updatemerakor
2023-02-05merge 7.0.2 releasemerakor
2023-02-05bump to version
2023-02-05CHANGELOG: updatemerakor
2023-02-05_tmp_cp(): preserve file attributesmerakor
2023-02-05_tmp_create(): Truncate file if it existsmerakor
2023-02-05Makefile: report progress on shellcheckmerakor
2023-02-05www: updatemerakor
2023-02-05merge 7.0.1 releasemerakor
2023-02-05bump to version
2023-02-05cpt: disable unnecessary shellcheck warningsmerakor
2023-02-05pkg_gentree(): disable shellcheck errormerakor
2023-02-05CHANGELOG: updatemerakor
2023-02-05use a tsort function compatible with POSIX and fix dependencymerakor
2023-01-31LICENSE: update license yearmerakor
2023-01-31LICENSE: update license yearmerakor
2023-01-31merge 7.0.0 releasemerakor
2023-01-31www: updatemerakor
2023-01-31docs: update7.0.0merakor
2023-01-31cpt: release version 7.0.0merakor
2023-01-31CHANGELOG: updatemerakor
2023-01-31Create new branch named "cpt-7.0.x"merakor
2023-01-31CHANGELOG: updatemerakor
2023-01-31CHANGELOG: updatemerakor
2023-01-31docs: updatemerakor
2022-11-14cpt: fix flags displayed in the usage of 'bi' and 'cbi'merakor
2022-11-14shellspec: fix shellcheck warning messages inside the test filemerakor
2022-11-14pkg_vcs_clone_git(): fix argumentsmerakor
2022-11-14pkg_strip: add $CPT_NOSTRIP environment variablemerakor
2022-11-14pkg_download(): fix aria2c usagemerakor
2022-11-14pkg_extract: fix git tag usagemerakor
2022-11-14spec: fix vcs testsmerakor
2022-11-14sourcehut builds: install fossilmerakor
2022-11-14docs: updatemerakor
2022-11-14cpt-build: add -d and -S options for CPT_DEBUG and CPT_NOSTRIPmerakor
2022-11-14spec: create tests for version controlmerakor
2022-11-14docs: updatemerakor
2022-11-14add build badge to website index pagemerakor
2022-11-14spec: update test to reflect upon the 'cpt cbi' 'cpt bi' changesmerakor
2022-11-14docs: updatemerakor
2022-11-14docs: updatemerakor
2022-11-14cpt: tidy up and fix 'cbi' and 'bi' as functionsmerakor
2022-11-14cpt-size: add option to sort the files by sizemerakor